Wrexham Half Marathon

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Report By Grant

The Wrexham half marathon took place on 4 September, after several cancellations of its usual date in February 2020-2022. During the week leading up to the race, the weather forecast was ominous, with heavy rain predicted for the couple of hours we would be running. But as race day arrived, the roads were dry, the skies were overcast, and the temperature wasn’t too warm. Pretty much ideal running conditions!

After a warmup, we all took our place at our respective estimated time markers, and it was lovely to see the sky blue Croft jerseys scattered throughout the field! After a slight delay due to a confused lorry driver, we set off just after 11:00am. I found a couple of nicely paced small groups that I could run with, one of which included Hannah. There was a light sprinkling of rain in the first few miles, but nothing to worry about. 

Maybe it was the lack of sunshine or maybe it was the fact that industrial estates all look fairly similar, but I found it a little difficult to get my bearings throughout the race, unsure when I was retracing a section of course, or when the next water station would appear! Despite this, the miles ticked over quite quickly and by mile 10, I was on track for a PB! Unfortunately, that part of the course turned into a headwind and the “uphill” section (relatively speaking; I’m pretty sure you couldn’t get a marble to roll down it!). However, because the course was generally so flat, every gradient felt twice as hard. The final 3 miles seemed to drag on and on until at last the finish line was in sight! Worth the effort for the Welsh cakes and crumpets that we received at the finish line – they went down a treat in our post-race hunger!

Croft results: Gareth flew around the course for a massive PB of 1:15:19. Hannah was second Croft finisher in 1:30:53. I narrowly missed my PB, but was very pleased with 1:31:28. Kelly, having run the 15-mile Tydfilian’s Roman Run the day before, managed an impressive 1:42:02. Jo was just seconds off her PB with 1:44:35, and Gemma and Louise finished together in 2:14:15.

The race usually doubles as the Welsh half-marathon championships, and because it is so flat, a lot of people come along to target a PB. So although the scenery leaves a little (or a LOT!) to be desired, it’s a flat and fast course, and I’d recommend it for those who want a PB or even first-timers at this distance.

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