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Having some time on my hands between trekking contracts in the Alps, I trolled the internet for races. I hadn’t run much but I have to crack on with aim is to do as many of the classic fell races as I can at least once. This race is detailed in Steve Chiltons book about the sport ‘It’s a Hill Get Over It’ and greats like Billy Bland have held the record.

It’s a killer of a course for those like me more recently used to trails rather than cambered trods.The time on my legs in the alps enabled me to pull away from some of the field towards the end as I found I had endurance but didn’t help with overall speed. Downhills, eccentrically, my legs caved and people overtook me. But I made up time on the uphills where I felt stronger I won’t do this again.

The Howgills have no trees and few tracks…it didn’t really interest me that much!
85th out of 169 with some DNF’ I achieved my usual midfield target. 3 hrs 24mins.

Distance: 14 miles, climb: 1830m

I am now hoping I have the endurance for a slow assault on my first ultra this weekend..the Limestone Way Ultra. Gulp!! I will try and do a report on that on time, not too late like this one!!


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