RunDisney Princess Half Marathon Weekend.

Race Reports
Report by Bronwyn.
Thea and I have spent the last week in Orlando, Florida where we took part in the runDisney Princess Half Marathon Weekend. Unfortunately, due to flights we were unable to run the half but we did take part in the 5k and 10k which took place this last Friday and Saturday respectively. The weekend started on the Thursday when we went to the ESPN arena to collect our bib numbers, race T-shirt’s and spend way too much money on runDisney merchandise. After a wait of nearly 3 hours(!) we had all our bits however my anxiety had gone through the roof with the amount of people who were due to run the races. There were a lot. 10,000ish for each race approx. Both race days began with a 2am start and bus transfer to the entrance of Epcot where the race began at 5am. We got lucky and found ourselves starting in Section 1 for both races which meant we could get away relatively quickly. The 5k was ran around Epcot and the 10k was ran around both Hollywood Studios and Epcot. During both races there were plenty of opportunity for pictures and to meet your favourite Disney characters (which I had to do.) Both races were extremely fun and different (and flat!) Something I’d never done before and would love to do again, even with the pain I was in as I hobbled around the 10k course. Anyway, today I received the results and I’m very impressed with how we faired considering. I should also add that the 5k was not a timed race.
In the 10k Thea and I came 909th & 910th out of 10,885 runners and were the 602nd and 603rd females out of 9,103. In our respective age categories, I came 71 out of 1100. Thea came 46 out of 460. Below are some pictures from our races!

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