Richards Castle time trial – 19 Dec 2021

Race Reports

The second edition of the Richards Castle time trial followed a new route, slightly shorter (4.5 miles) and with slightly less elevation, though I’m not sure the runners really noticed less climbing! Last time we had a frosty start (in April), this time it was a bit milder but foggy. It was so foggy at the start that I had to stand at the first turn in the field, in a high vis jacket, so that runners knew which way to head from the start, and even from there my footmarks in the dewy grass were a better lead than the next flag, only 50m away. Once out of the field, there was a flatter stretch of half a mile along the lane (where marshals held back a very impatient motorist), before a muddy track took them under the castle and up to the south end of Hanway common. To leave the common by the ‘north gate’ meant a steady climb of over half a mile, but at least it was now in glorious sunshine, with stunning views across the fog in the valley to the protruding peaks, like Clee Hill. From there a short path in the forest to the firetrack, and then downhill for nearly a mile before climbing up (another!) muddy track onto the bottom of the common, once more in mist. A stile, a short descent across a wheat field and back into the final field, where it was still so foggy at least one runner lost his way, with only 200m to go to the finish.

26 runners completed the course, with over 30 minutes between first and last, making recording at the finish a relatively straightforward affair – even if runners did suddenly appear out of the mist! Eric was again the fastest (33.04) followed by Dave P (36.18)  and Kelly (36.28) again first lady. Just 90 seconds separated the next 5 – guest Steve Oldfield, Roland, Dave B, Greg, Iona (2nd lady) and Neil T. Not even a photo would have separated Theresa and Sue, though they were placed in that order. Frank ran the furthest, and Bryan nobly ran (almost) all the way, first in his over 80 category.

Thanks to all who volunteered as marshals and recorders, and to Tom who helped mark out the course. For many it was a chilly experience. Thank you too for all the great photography.


        Runners set off into the mist

          through the mud

       and into the sun



Eric Apperley        33.04

Dave Partridge     36.18

Kelly Bowen         36.28

Steve Oldfield     39.13

Roland Preece    39.36

Dave Barrett      40.04

Greg Jones        40.05

Iona Allen         40.41

Neil Taylor        40.43

Emma Jones    41.45

Adrian Allen    42.04

Sam Harper     42.31

Liza Austin      42.46

Tim Jones       44.13

Bronwyn Preece 44.39

Gary Gunner   44.40

Steph King     45.45

Huw Williams 45.46

Louise Reeves 48.32

Gemma Davies 51.39

Mike Hayward  52.24

Tim W-Hobson 55.36

Theresa Jones  60.27

Sue Wood        60.27

Frank Luscott  62.01

Bryan Markham 65.58

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