Magic Roundabout

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Report by Sam Harper.

So far, this years club championship race series is looking to be the most competitive we have had with such fantastic numbers turning out. 33 Croft runners were at the starting line for this years Magic roundabout.

This 10k off road run has been a top pick for Croft for years and it is easy to see why. The setting, the route and the terrain on the Begwyns hills makes for a really enjoyable run. The clear sky last Sunday meant that the stunning views of the surrounding hills were just perfect.

There is a short walk from the carpark to the registration point and then another uphill stretch to the roundabout – a small circular wooded area at the top of the hill near the trig point for which this race takes its name – which is where the start of the race is.

A short race briefing from the very amusing Hay Hotfooters race director and we were off.

This race is best descibed as undulating and starts off with quite a fast downhill stretch before winding in a figure of 8 fashion with some steady pulls and speedy downs. None of the climbs are as steep as can be found on fell races, but they keep on coming and can be a real test of determination to see if you can keep running or need to walk. I don’t think that I am alone in having a race where the same runners would pull ahead at one point, then drop behind only to pull ahead again – which actually leads to this race being quite social as you have a few words as you pass each other by.

In fact a social race is what it was. It was great to see so many runners just pleased to be there at the start of the race, a bit of a chat with other runners if I could find the breath, supportive marshals, a cheer across the finish line and a fantastic selection of cakes and refreshments at the end. It felt really good to be at a club race where a celebration of running for the enjoyment and not for the profit of a race were the order of the day.

Team Croft were on top form. Eric finished in fourth place – fantastic result for someone who had run 50k the day before – Jasper in 8th and Sam in 10th which saw them take home the mens team trophy. The chip timing caused a bit of confusion at the prize giving, which saw Bryan having to ask for an MV80 prize and Kelly 4th, Jo T 11th, and Thea 13 being announced as the winning ladies team but it was quickly pointed out that Builth were in fact the winning ladies team.

This is a great race and one that I am sure Croft will support in high numbers again in the future even if not listed as a club championship race.

Gender positionCroft RunnerGun timeChip TimeAge GroupAge Group position
4Eric Apperley0:40:0340.03SM3
8Jasper Robinson0:41:570:41:53SM4
9Sam Juson0:43:090:43:05SM5
13Nigel Taylor0:44:580:44:54MV554
29Neil Powell0:48:020:47:58MV504
4Kelly Bowen0:48:190:48:18FV352
34Dave Millichap0:51:270:51:22MV507
35Don Bessier0:51:510:51:41SM12
11Joanne Tilby0:53:410:53:36FV402
46Roland Preece0:54:050:53:59MV5512
13Thea Preece0:54:100:54:03SF4
14Jo Marriott0:54:100:54:05FV504
48Tim Jones0:54:290:54:21MV5514
19Steph Main0:57:180:57:12FV505
63Howard Verran0:58:070:57:56MV455
22Liza Austin0:58:210:58:16VF553
23Samantha Harper0:58:390:58:33FV453
71Oliver Cameron-Swan1:03:201:03:09MV456
35Stephanie King1:03:401:03:28FV556
39Nikki Ferguson1:04:171:04:06SF5
73Huw Williams1:04:231:04:16MV606
40Lisa Gray1:04:321:04:22FV5011
49Louise Reeves1:08:101:08:00FV458
52Gemma Davies1:09:291:09:20FV406
53Hayley Millichap1.09.301.09.18FV5015
54Clare Preece1:10:401:10:30FV5016
55Theresa Jones1:10:401:10:30FV5017
56Bronwyn Preece1:10:431:10:32SF6
57Carol Powell1:11:261:11:20FV5018
58Louise Phillips1:12:161:12:07FV5019
63Hayley Colebatch1:13:441:13:33FV355
83Tom Davies1:14:521:14:39MV703
85Bryan Markham1:24:201:24:10MV75+2
68Suzanne Field1:25:561:25:45FV5023

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