Ragleth fell race

Race Reports

On a suitably gloomy evening for the last of the summer fell series, four of us prepared for the earlier, 7pm, start. We set off along 200 yards of road (including a ford) and then the climb began, steady at first then as we branched off onto grassland, walking became obligatory. I caught Gary at the top, but then he raced away as far as a rising track, where I managed to overtake him, only to be passed again on the slippery steep descent into a stream valley. We both managed to stay upright, just, but were overtaken by a slider who had decided there was no point in standing up. Across the stream, and then we followed it down for half a mile on a narrow sheeptrack, with a steep slope down to the stream on our left. Finally we crossed the stream and began the long, arduous haul up to the summit of the Callow. Again I was able to get within reach of Gary, only to see him run away from me downhill to the finish. He crossed the line in 38.38 (37th), 1st MV65, 38 seconds and 5 places in front of me. A new, rejuvenated Tom (41.40, 56th) took it fairly steadily but is beginning to close in on Gary and me. Frank knew it was going to be tough, after a long lay-off, and did well to come in 61st (43.28). Dominic Jones won the event, in 27.56, and there were 88 finishers. A quick glance at the results shows Croft again provided the 3 oldest runners. Gary also won the series MV65 title, with Tom 2nd, and I was given the MV70 award.

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