Muddy Woody

Race Reports

Well this one certainly lived up to it’s name this year!

It was a very wet morning to run six miles around Haugh Woods and very muddy for the majority of the race. I have run this race a few times and each time the route has been different and I think this years was the muddiest it has been – short sections along the fire tracks did allow for some easier running but most of the route takes you along small trails which were on occassion ankle deep in mud.

The challenge was to stay upright and to try to keep running on all the ups and downs whilst slipping and sliding in the mud – good off road trainers were a must and mine were taped on due to fear of losing them in the mud – although I did not hear that anyone did.

21 Croft Runners took part and it was great to have Hayley Millichap back with us after a short break away from the club.

The rain was coming down in earnest by the end of the race and there was not much post race chatting as everyone just wanted to get warm and dry.

Unfortunately not a great day for Croft prizes, but a good time was had by all nonetheless and I for sure will be back again next year.

Gender PositionRunnerTime Age category postion
5Jasper Robinson45.065
6Eric Apperly45.526
7Charlotte Broadhurst54.237
20Jo Tilby100.043
87Dave Millichap100.310
22 Liza Austin101.163
23Jo Marriot101.192
24Steph Main101.457
103Roland Preece102.517
35Sam Harper105.079
42Sue Powell106.462
43Emma Jones 106.3511
145Rob Wood1.14.166
148Huw Williams1.14.599
81Steph King1.16.5610
102Hayley Millichap122.57
111Lisa Gray125.198
112Hayley Colebatch125.1919
119Theresa Jones128.3411
120Clare Preece128.3312
129Suzanne Field130.4815




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