Ludlow10 – 8th July

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This race may have taken place nearly two weeks back, but I suppose a race report is better late than never. Right?

This year the Ludlow10 race was the 4th race in the Croft club championship and, despite the wetter weather, Croft came out in droves for an evening run around the medieval town. Well, it was that or the Beefy Boys that they had come for. Many Croft runners have taken part in this race in the past few years. However, this year they were heading into the unknown with new event organisers and a modified route. But, how did our Sky Blues get on? Let’s find out!

This year’s race began at Ludlow Rugby Club, whereas in the past has started in the Town Centre. At 7:15pm, the runners were let loose onto The Linney and Dinham before a climb onto Whitcliffe Common. Some may have been relieved to hear that the “infamous” Lactic Ladder had been abandoned for 2023, however, the long drag up onto the common was still as relentless as ever.

Things were slightly easier coming back down but still, runners had numerous lumps and bumps to navigate over while trying to stay on two feet. They were then rewarded with a lovely run, featuring Croft’s own Mike Blenkinsop and his camera, along the river back onto the Dinham Bridge.

Legs may have been aching after climbing Whitcliffe but now came another challenge; the hill up Dinham to the Town Centre. And, of course, it was at the bottom of this hill where people gathered to watch the runners attempt to climb. But let’s be honest, it’s not a bad hill. Just short and steep. And, with all the hill training sessions we get at Croft, I expect our runners flew up it! (Bar me. I walked. Just a little.)

Up in the town it was time to push with flatter surfaces and a long downhill. Plus an amazing crowd showering runners with motivation before they headed back onto the trails where a number of stubborn gates managed to get in the way. After they were through, it was back onto The Linney where they would do it all again for lap two.

At the end of lap two, it was Croft’s own Gareth Leek who crossed the finish line in first position. He was closely followed in by Mark Thomas. Their times were 39:36 and 40:25 respectively. Simon Norwood also joined them in the top ten. As for the ladies, it was Mia Davies who was first Croft home. She also finished 2nd female overall with a time of 52:29. Full CARC results are:

  1. Gareth Leek – 39:36 (1st)
  2. Mark Thomas – 40:25 (2nd)
  3. Simon Norwood – 46:38 (7th)
  4. Mia Davies – 52:29 (23rd)
  5. Jo Tilby – 53:07 (32nd)
  6. Paul Parker – 53:26 (33rd)
  7. Jamie Symonds – 55:25 (43rd)
  8. Howard Verran – 56:06 (49th)
  9. Thea Preece – 57:34 (56th)
  10. Bronwyn Preece – 59:55 (66th)
  11. Roland Preece – 1:04:28 (92nd)
  12. Steph King – 1:08:38 (110th)
  13. Clare Preece – 1:09:07 (112nd)
  14. Tim Wain-Hobson – 1:11:44 (117th)
  15. Anna Bromley – 1:11:58 (120th)
  16. Frank Luscott – 1:13:45 (123rd)
  17. Claire Verran – 1:16:57 (135th)

Croft also had Alison Apperley running in the 5k race. She finished 34th with a time of 47:05.

Well done, Crofties!

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