Ludlow Parkrun

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Saturday (30th July) saw the 25th running of the Ludlow parkrun, with 6 Croft members competing, Kelly was not only the first female to finish, but she also achieved yet another PB (23.35). Carol also saw a further improvement, to 27.27, as did Alison D (33.57). As far as I can make out, 21 Croft runners have taken part since February, with Neil P being the fastest, in 20.57 (43rd fastest runner over the 25 events), and Scott 2nd fastest (21.20), followed by Alec. Kelly is the fastest Croft woman, but just 7 seconds faster than Liz who holds the highest age-related ranking (and highest of all competitors), at 84.25% of the world record for her age, a good 13% ahead of me (71.05), Sue P (70.86), Gary G (70.35) and Scott (69.69).

Four of us have volunteered as marshals, or on the finish funnel. More help is always appreciated, and it ‘spreads the load’, allowing those who regularly help out to get a run in from time to time.

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