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Two proud, exhausted GB triathletes from Croft Ambrey. Congratulations!


After several months of training and preparation, with a few bumps along the way, and me struggling with a calf injury it was time to leave for Austria!

We arrived in Walchsee on the Wednesday with the race on Sunday so plenty of time to recce the swim, bike and run course. The area was the most stunning scenery especially on the bike I have ever seen -lakes and mountains, and a ski resort but thankfully this was summer so good weather (25c average). Also Mark and I had time to sample the local beer and food of course!

After team and race briefings the day arrived, with me feeling the least confident with a race ever in my life due to injuries and not running for a month prior, however it was too late back out now, so ………

The 1.2 mile swim started and I finished in the top 25% in a PB of 30.54, Mark close behind in 31.41, then onto the bike and we both absolutely loved the bike course – very hilly and smooth roads and scenery out of this world. Simon 2hrs.36, Mark 2hrs.42 then my nemesis, the run; first 2 miles went great then my calf went, so I stopped, stretched, walked a bit until Mark caught me up giving me a good talking to and urging me to keep going and somehow I managed to start jogging on a seized calf, slowing from 8min pace to 9min and somehow I managed just to finish the toughest run I ever completed, with a seized calf. To this day I don’t know how I finished, probably the fact I was in the team GBR Tri suit with my name and people urging me on, after all this was the European championships so I had to finish. The run I managed in a time of 2.08.36, Mark on the other hand and some 20 years younger and fresher finished in a very good time of 1. 39.28 moving himself up the field.

Simon finished 350th out of 500th overall very happy, all things considered, and Mark 237th.

No more running now, sorry guys, for a very long time !!!!!

Got to say this was one of my favourite races, the team GB stuff was fantastic, everyone very friendly and made some great friends and met old friends along the way. It was also great to introduce Mark to this and he is now forever hooked with team GB!!!

Thanks Simon & Mark


4 thoughts on “European Middle Distance Triathlon Championships

  1. Congratulations Simon and Mark – brilliant performances from both of you. Back to the good old hazards of the Herefordshire pot holes now.

  2. nice job…focus on that cross training Simon..remember when you used to meet me at the pool nursing my ACL injury? well I didn’t run for 450 days and am now running marathons so take advice from others with injuries! Excellent placing all being considered

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