Croft and Lucton School Boxing Day Challenge

Race Reports

What started out life many years ago as a Croft versus Lucton School challenge has now become a more friendly event, seeing how many runners are willing to get up on Boxing Day morning to take part in a run around one loop of the Croft Cross Country course. There is a competitive element among the fast runners at the front of the pack, but for many it is a great way to get a bit of fresh air after the indulgencies of the day before and have a friendly run in a great atmosphere and has become part of many families Christmas.

Due to the wet weather of late, a decision was made to avoid running over the top of the Ambrey this year to avoid the mud bath, which may have been fun for some but was considered too high a risk of injuring the runners. So it was a fast 2 mile route, going over the ditch near the pond, through the muddy gateway, up the field, into the woods. Right  at the cross roads to follow the fire track bearing right downhill after the cattle grid to bring the runners back to Fishpool valley, then up heartbreak hill for the sprint downhill finish to the line.

It was great that there were so many runners – for 42 for Croft and 29 for Lucton – and lots of supporters.

Pat Wright and Sam Johnson had a hard fought battle for first and second place with the shortened course possibly making all the difference. Pat’s winning time of 12.17 is a very fast time on a hilly course and 30 seconds ahead of Sam. Third place and the Lucton pupil trophy went to Forbes Wilson in a time of 13.13 – he is proving to be a very fast runner, his name dominating on the trophy. Malachy Clarke was the fourth finisher, taking home the senior boy prize.

It was great to see two of Crofts previous lady members, who unfortunately for the club moved away, still willing to come and run for Croft when they are home and running really well. Suzanne Philips was first lady home in 6th place overall – 13.59, with Rhea Woodfield second lady in 15.38. Third female home was Luctons Darcy Clarke 16.11 – winning the senior girls prize.

Really well done to the junior runners taking part. Ted Moffatt won the junior boys prize in 22.31 and Emily Stevens Junior girl in 25.58. The youngest runner was Max Ranft at only 3. He did really well on some of the stretches but those little legs only got him so far – I think a special mention for his auntie Katie-Louise who was spotted running while giving him a piggy back up heartbreak hill! That hill is tough – well done Katie.

This was a  lovely way to spend an hour or so on Boxing Day. The hot drinks and mince pies and a little presentation from Bryan at the end were a lovely way to end the morning. Well done and big thanks to everyone who helped out but especially Bryan and Tom who did the majority of the work and the organising.

I hope that a few more families have added this to their Christmas traditions and we see just as many happy smiling runners next year!

PositionRunner Croft or Lucton 
1Pat Wright12.17Croft
2Sam Johnson12.47Lucton
3Forbes Wilson13.13Lucton1st Lucton student
4Malachy Clarke13.18Lucton1st senior boy
5Andrew George13.51Croft
6Suzanne Phillips13.59Croft
7Neil Powell14.19Croft
8Lorcan Clarke14.32Lucton
9Eric Apperly14.35Croft
10Tom George14.37Croft
11Sam Juson14.50Croft
12Will George14.56Croft
13Dan Thomas15.01Croft
14Andrew Taylor15.29Croft
15Alex Powell15.32Croft
16Rhea Woodfield15.38Croft
17Darcy Clarke16.11Lucton1st senior Girl
18Tim Jones16.37Croft
19David Richmond16.41Lucton
20John DuTait16.45Lucton
21Peter Moore17.03Lucton
22John Jaspers17.05Croft
23Paul Green17.22Croft
24Vanessa Watts17.30Lucton
25Toby Johnson17.58Lucton
26Amy Clarke18.01Lucton
27Roland Preece18.02Croft
28Gary Gunner18.09Croft
29Tristan Watts18.14Lucton
30Anthony Watts18.19Lucton
31Jonathon Sanderson18.21Croft
32Zac Powell18.36Lucton
33Camilla Jones19.00Lucton
34Rob Wood19.12Croft
35Herbie Westhorpe19.19Lucton
36Ian Johnson19.21Lucton
37Colin Powell19.34Lucton
38Amelia Bassett19.46Lucton
39Caleb Richards20.05Croft
40Tim White20.14Lucton
41Emily Watts20.17Lucton
42Sam Harper21.13Croft
43Beth Davies21.26Croft
44Wesley Davies21.27Croft
45Ashley Davies21.27Croft
46Lisa Davies21.28Croft
47Tom Davies21.30Croft
48Carol Powell21.31Croft
49Marcus Bassett21.57Lucton
50El Thomas22.02Croft
51Thea Preece22.05Croft
52Ted Moffatt22.31Lucton1st junior boy
53Matt Moffatt22.31Croft
54Jamie Symonds22.44Croft
55Theresa Jones22.57Croft
56Ed Skipp23.17Lucton
57Joel Bassett23.19Lucton
58Andrew George24.48Croft
59Tim Symonds24.52Croft
60Edwin Stevens25.33Lucton
61Ceri Godfrey25.46Croft
62Emily Stevens25.58Lucton1st junior girl
63Rosemary Moore27.37Lucton
64Heather Powell28.52Croft
65Claire Preece28.52Croft
66Sue Field28.53Croft
67Liz Ranft32.12Croft
68Katie Louise Belcher32.12Croft
69Lucy Belcher32.13Croft
70Max Ranft32.13Croft
71Bob Skipp33.10Lucton

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