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Yet again I was indecisive about whether to enter another race, this time the Breinton 10 mile road race organised by Wye Valley Runners.

On one hand I have run in the two previous years and have visions of myself in 20 years time being announced Brian Davies style as the “one runner who has run in every race since it started”, and on the other hand I don’t feel I have been running particularly well lately and had decided I was not going to do any more road races as I am definitely stronger off road.

Then came an email from Ashley asking if I knew anyone who was running in the race as he would appreciate a lift so I used this as my motivation and entered online.

Sunday was a warm sunny day and the entries were up this year with 93 runners starting the race. 3 Croft runners; myself, Ashley Robinson and Stacey Morgan using this as part of his training plan for the marathon at the Hereford running festival in a few weeks.

This is an undulating race, none of the hills are too treacherous but they do seem to keep coming and to me ten miles is a long way. There is a stretch along the busy main road for a short while at about mile 5 but the majority of the race is along the quiet lanes around Breinton and traffic was not a problem.

There are 2 water stations at approximately mile 3 and 7 and the Wye Valley Runners are such a supportive group, lots of encouragement all the way round and friendly marshalls.

My race plan was to just go steady and try and get past a few people. This I managed but I didn’t realise until I was overtaken at about mile 6, that I was taking it too steady and had slowed down to a plodding jog. This did wake me up a bit and I tried to pick up my pace again. Having run the race a couple of times, I was prepared for the uphill which starts the last mile but the decent back to the rowing club always seems much further than it is. The finish takes you past the rugby club and unfortunately the end time coincides with a lot of cars and pedestrians leaving, so there wass a bit of dodging cars, bikes and people, not much chance of a sprint finish.

I was very happy to finish in a time of 1.24.35 which is over a minute faster than last year. Second in my age category.

Ashley had a good run, finishing in 42nd place in 1.19.08 in 42 position.

Stacey had a great race, finishing fourth overall in 59.18 (bang on his target of coming in under 60 minutes). He won his age category, Veterans County Championship and the Ross Jones Memorial trophy! Well done Stacey and good luck in the marathon.


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Breinton 10 mile


Frank and I were the only Croft Ambrey runners out of 76 to run in this 10 mile race organised by Wye Valley Runners.

The route starts at Hereford Rowing Club and winds its way around the lanes of Breinton, with just one short stretch along the main Brecon road. There are quite a few climbs but nothing too steep and is well marshalled so I managed to stay on route for this one without getting lost! It was a nice sunny but not too hot day and I was able to keep a steady pace.  The last 2-3 miles were a little bit lonely as the field had thinned out and without many turns there was little need for marshals but apart from that there was lots of encouragement and other runners around.

The final stretch where the path goes past a rugby club was a little treacherous with a stream of cars heading home from the rugby but it was good to see Frank and Mike cheer me home to the finish line.

Frank finished in 39th place in a time of 1.16.49 which he was pleased with as it was his second best time for a 10 mile race and I finished in 61st place in 1.25.43, which was an improvement of 6 minutes on last year. So we were both happy.

First place in the race went to Rhys Park of Cheltenham Harriers in 54.07 and first female to Rebecca Davies of Wye Valley Runners in 1:08:57


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