Bearwood Race 3

Race Reports

A total of 35 Croft Runners took part in at least one of the Bearwood series races – the fastest of which counts for the club championship series.

This off road two lap 10k around field margins, farm tracks and a couple of short woodland paths was a great race to take part in – big thanks to Wye Valley Runner for organising.

There were some big improvements for some Croft runners who took part in all three races. Most notibly our esteemed chairman Huw who took of a very impressive 6.33 minutes off his first race time.

To,Roland 2.15, Eric 1.50, mark 1.32, Liza 1.23, mike 1.39 clare 1.36 Tom Powell 2.54.

There was some great results with Eric, with a seemingly superhuman ability to recover from a fracture only a few weeks before the first race, was able to finish the last race in first place in 36.34. Sam J had finished first in the previous two races was only 21 seconds behind in second place and Garath was 5th in 37.57.

Mia, running in her first race of the series was third lady in 48.50 with Jo T finishing fourth lady in 49.23.

The race series results saw quite a few Crofties taking home plants as prizes – a little different but gratefully recieved.

Jo T – first lady, Jo M third lady. Age group wins for Ali Davies and Anna.

Sam – first male, Eric Second male. Age group wins for Gareth, Paul and Mark.

Croft won the mens team and the ladies – Sam, Eric, Gareth and Jo T, Jo M, Liza.

RunnerAge Cat Race 1 positionRace 1TimeRace 2 positionRace 2 (time)Race 3 (position)Race 3 (time)
Sam JusonSM0137.03.830136.56.54236.55
Gareth LeekSM0238.09.580440.57.79437.57
Eric ApperleySM0538.24.570238.10.21136.34
Jo TilbyFV4012 (first lady)48.20.431648.28.662349.23
Paul ParkerMV501348.22.971448.08.762249.05
Lucy AustinJF2551.00.29xxxx
Mark PaviourMV602651.12.572150.09.172849.40
Jo MarriottFV553051.42.412050.05.023350.44
Bronwyn PreeceSF3753.18.43xx
Thea PreeceSF4154.29.59xx
Steph MainFV505457.05.98xxxx
Liza AustinFV555557.17.634156.03.805355.54
Sam HarperFV456158.46.555158.43.516460.27
Roland Preece6259.12.155058.09.505656.57
Hayley ColebachFV356560.28.63xx
Steph KingFV557162.24.986866.14.47xx
Huw WilliamsMV607464.54.385761.08.296058.21
Mike HaywardMV607665.29.77xx7363.50
Clare Preece7768.48.247369.29.418367.12
Alison DaviesFV357866.06.506766.05.097865.54
Anna BromleyFV407966.44.706665.51.527765.54
Theresa JonesFV558066.44.987469.29.69xx
Carol PowellFV508169.02.297067.10.828166.15
Steve PartridgeMV40xx0945.52.58xx
Roxy WoodfieldSFxx12 (first lady)47.16.66xx
Tori DickinsonFV55xx7267.42.538668.08
Tom DaviesMV70xx8279.40.36xx
Joe LynchSMxxxx1246.16
George ThomasSMxxxx1647.14
Mia DaviesSFxxxx2148.50
Howard VerranMV45xxxx4052.08
Sue PowellFV60xxxx5857.12
Rob WoodMV65xxxx6158.39
Guy WhitmarshMV75xxxx6360.15
Frank LuscottMV65xxxx8567.59

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