2021 Lockdown 5k challenge

Race Reports
Report by Kelly Bowen.
Setting the challenge to run 5k every week for 6 weeks resulted in 42 runners taking part at different times. The aim of the challenge was to keep runners motivated and have a sense of ‘race’ for many. An extra week was added due to unexpected snow on the Sunday of week 3 leaving many with unsafe running routes.
So many great results, so many personal bests. Here is a list of everyone’s personal bests:

Coloured result indicates PB.

Clare Preece made an outstanding improvement of 7 minutes 17 seconds and another shout out to Roland Preece who took part every week and every week he chipped seconds off his previous week. Well done to Mr and Mrs Preece 🙂
Also Bryan Markham who pb’d by 3 minutes 52 seconds going around his field even after a short time of being unwell. Came back fighting fit Bryan well done.
But I would also like to say a BIG well done to everyone. The feedback has been great and I’m so glad to hear that everyone enjoyed it.. It’s been a tough winter and I look forward to getting back to our training sessions.
RunnerImprovement from slowest to quickest times.
Claire 7.17
Steve P4.34
Bryan M, Lisa G3.52
Theresa J3.19
Gemma D2.46
Tom D1.47
Louise Reeves1.33
Mike H1.31
Jo M1.26
Sue F1.21
Sam H1.13
Sam J1.09
Tim J0.59
Sue P0.57
Neil T, Eric0.43
Carol P0.34
Rob W0.16

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