Winter Social


Dave will have sent you a voting slip for you to choose your nomination of male/female club runner of the year, to be announced at the Winter Social on February 23rd. If you haven’t already made your choice, maybe you’ll have time to look back through the website to the early part of the year, since, if your memory is anything like mine, you may have forgotten who was doing what way back in January, and even in April and May.

The two people you select for the male and female club runners of the year won’t necessarily be the fastest (who will possibly anyway be the club champions, based on the 7 championship races), but those who you feel have performed well for the club, maybe particularly in the cross-country leagues but also possibly in representing the club further afield.

By using the website, you can perhaps come to a conclusion, even if you haven’t been a member for all of 2017.

Best of luck with your decisions!


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