Red Bull Steeplechase


This event was a 21 mile fell knockout race which started and ended (for some people) in Castleton in the peak district. There were 4 checkpoints in different villages – 8 miles, 13 miles, 18 miles and the finish which was 21.  Sunday morning started very cold with so much fog you couldn’t see the mountains but by 9.30 it had cleared up and off we went. I panicked a bit and stupidly got amongst the top 10 for the 1st big climb and slowly ended up running at about 25th place for the majority of the race. Being a knockout race everyone kept asking if anyone knew what position they were but I passed the 1st two checkpoints knowing I was safe. This is where my stitches came on and my legs slowly started to die and I ended up around 45th and knocked out at the 18 mile mark which I was happy with. Easily best race I’ve ever done, amazing views, free bar, free bbq and enough red bull to last a lifetime!

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