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Once again the weather blighted the weekend and put the stops on the plan of spending the weekend infiltrating the Presteigne pacers camp and attempting to understand how a group of runners can consume so much Guinness without any noticeable effect on their performance. So plan B was put into operation and we all travelled to Tywyn on the Saturday morning.

As we travelled towards Tywyn the weather improved, but this only lasted until just before the start of the race when it began to rain. This rain continued on and off during the event although was little more than drizzle after the initial downpour at the start. As normal the 14 mile course had to be completed in a little over 1hr 48mins or less in order to beat the train (not as easy as it sounds).

799 people completed the course, 179 of which beat the train.

Results were as follows:

The winner completed the course in 1hr 20mins.

I completed the course in 65 th place in 1hr 39mins (a pb by a few minutes I think)

Glyn Williams 116 th in 1hr 43mins

Phil Jones 305 th in 1hr 58mins

Dave Lloyd 398 th in 2hr 4mins

Gary Lewis 467 th in 2hrs 9mins

Catherine had to drop out at approximately 6 miles due to illness.

.Due to the continued inclement weather we all decided to travel home, rather than camp the night and attend the prize giving/party in the evening. Naturally the homeward journey with the Pacers involved the regulatory pub stops.

Dave R

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