Montgomery Hill Run 4.5 miles multi-terrain


This annual hill run takes place on the eve of the town’s agricultural show. Runners get a whistle stop tour of some of the ancient sites of the once county town of Montgomeryshire.

With the first mile pretty flat, the race hurtles off at speed, from show field through Lymore Park, out to the town and then to the first hill. The pace slows at this point; as you gasp for breathe you cross Ffridd Faldwyn, an ancient Iron Age hill fort. Beyond is respite in the form of rolling fields to a tarmac lane and back to town and another hill. A stony track begins the three quarter mile climb, it leads to the County War memorial with its 270 degree view of the surrounding county, runners must reach this point then turn round for a welcome descent back to town and before you think its over there is just one last thing. A circumnavigation of the grassy undulations of the Norman castle grounds, once complete its a swift sprint down a 1 in 10 lane past cheering crowds at the Dragon Hotel to the old town square. I was second lady in. Mark was 5 th in the race A great little end of summer race and end to the Maldwyn Harriers summer series (five races in total)

Some Race Results:


1 st 28.48 Roland Stafford, Maldwyn Harriers, 2 nd 29.28 Edward Davies, Maldwyn Harriers 3 rd 30.16 Hayden Jones, Maldwyn Harriers 4 th 31.06 Paul Beeson 5 th 31.26 Mark Paviour (1 st M45 for summer race series)


1 st 33.02 Joanne Thatcher Aberystwyth A.C. (and also 1 st overall for summer series), 2 nd 33.51 Susan Davies (and also 2 nd overall for summer series), 3 rd 36.31 Lauren Davies, Oswestry Olympians (and also 3rd overall for summer series).

Sue D


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