News Years Day Wye Valley 10k


Happy New Year everyone!

After debate on which would be my first race of the year I decided the wye valley 10k road race.
On a windy/ wet start to the new year I headed to hereford rowing club, on route aquaplaning along the way I began to question my sanity, after consulting lauren she confirmed that i am mad!

On arrival we were met by several rain soaked but cheery marshals and a smiling harry on the door guiding us to registration. Pre-race chat ranged from whether scuba gear should have been a prerequisite to the more hopeful it might stop raining in a bit. After the pre race breifing just audible over the chattering teeth we set off.
Heading out under the old railway bridge, turning left along Broomy Hill and out along the lanes towards Breinton. Between 1k and 2k we came upon our first flood a lane crossing our path which had become more akin to the presteigne two rivers course, the effect of above ankle deep cold water was shall I say enlivening experience.
The lanes continued to test, undulating with various parts under ankle deep water the high hedge’s giving some thankful protection from the wind, looping back on itself giving views over the Hereford at its highest point. With each marshalling point a well done and great encouragement bestowed upon each runner as we passed. Returning to the aforementioned flood the water had got a little deeper as we headed home, 8-9 K a slight uphill then all downhill finish back along Broomy Hill road, swinging right towards the rugby club the finish line awaited just under the old railway bridge. Times were called out as we finished and upon receiving a race day souvenir we headed back to the Rowing Club, where the opportunity to have a hot shower was welcome. Refreshments welcomed us as we gathered in the rowing club.

All in all a well organised well marked and marshalled course.

There were 186 competitor’s in all Eliot Taylor of hereford couriers winning in a time of 35.05. First lady home was Katherine King 25th overall in 40.27. I was the sole crofter taking part and made it home in 30th position in 41.09. I throughly enjoyed the race and would recommend to all.


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