Mortimer Forest “8”


12 of us ran round the new course yesterday, starting and finishing at the ‘finish’. Those with GPS watches confirmed the distance as over 9 miles, with another 600yds or s0 to add from the start at the school (if that is where it remains), so the full distance could be 9.5 miles, not the advertised 8. Just so as you are warned! Although there was more grass and less mud on the slopes on the far side than so often in previous years, it was also very slippery  (especially on the flat stone in the stream at the second crossing!) and sticky in the early stages.

PS Colin Lancaster (race director) assures Tom it is only 8.3 miles, so something like a mile has been cut out from the course we ran on Sunday. The most obvious section is the muddy hillside beyond the third ‘big dipper’, but it’s hard to believe that would knock a mile off.

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  1. Hi Guy, I’m hoping to take part in this event, how and where the course been altered please?

    Kind regards


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