Malvern Midsummer Marathon – June 26


 26.2miles (not including navigational errors) 1450m or 4800’ of ascent.

Martin Williams and I took part in this event , alongside a large contingent from Malvern joggers, Mrs Ian Prentice and a few faces from the Presteigne Pacers.

The event started from the Wyche school and headed North onto the Malvern ridge to its most Northerly tip, at which point we turned West to head for checkpoint 1, Cradley. Here martins eyes were opened to the quality of spread laid on by the LDWA. Being a minor checkpoint early on in the event, this was only a hint of what we were going to be offered later in the event! Once I managed to remind him we were on a run and not attending a wedding buffet we continued south west for Ledbury (apparently my ability to eat quickly and run was a sight he’d never experienced!).

Ledbury was the halfway point and as such the major checkpoint of the event, the hot pizza was very welcome indeed.

We then headed South East for the next checkpoint at Chase End. From here we picked up the southern end of the Malvern Hills range and up onto the ridge, only to be sent back down into the valley and back onto the ridge a number of times. The final checkpoint was on the edge of the British camp car park. All this exertion appeared to be too much for Mart as we climbed back onto the ridge he declared, with much certainty that chitty-chitty-bang-bang was just ahead of us, in fact it was a water bowser for the cattle on the hill!!

The finish was at Wyche school in a time of 6hrs 27mins. Getting in just before the rain set in for the afternoon. We recovered with a meal baked potato and toppings, followed by trifle and rehydrated with a pub stop on the way home!

Once again a great day out in some fantastic countryside courtesy of the LDWA and another Croft Ambrey member converted!!!

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