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  1. 1) Ah. I’d better consult the committee on that one. I’ll get back to you.
    2) We’ll need someone to apply for a permit, someone to plan a course, someone to do a risk assessment, a first aider, a starter, a timer and a recorder, oh and an assessor to check all is being done according to UKA regs, so that makes .. 8.

  2. Liz’s answer: 4, because runners do things better in relay, but they’d need to take care not to drop the light bulb.

  3. Watt ?
    No need – our women’s XC team are the shining lights.We’ll be back training at Lux soon,anyway.

  4. Come on! As if you can just ‘change a light bulb’! What sort of naive question is that! You need a qualified expert (with his/her certificate from the Union of Registered Light and Bulb Engineers). The expert will need to assess the particularities of the bulb and its usage: bayonet or screw-in, the diameter of the bore, the maximum permitted wattage, pearl or plain glass, standard, candle, extra large or spot. He or she will need to have been briefed on the latest EU regulations (eg only energy saving fittings to be sold from now on, but if you ask Gary G, he might let you have a box of the old bulbs that he picked up at an auction). So, the answer is: one UnReLiaBlE expert.

  5. Methinks that you are spending too much time sur le continent, Monsieur W. I suggest that you consult a member of UKIP re the British way of dealing with EU interference in our methods of light bulb replacement. Would your over-zealous concerns permit the re-fitting of ceiling light bulbs into a pre-training stretching exercise for Croft runners ?

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