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Is the now defunct club duathlon in part responsible for our little club producing THREE triathletes selected to compete for GB in international competitions? Probably not, but it is remarkable that in our midst we have Stuart and Simon who have already represented their country, and now Nicky, who has qualified for the World Distance Championship in Edmonton (Canada). Simon is again competing in the European Middle Distance Championships, to be held this year in Majorca. I’m sure we all wish them the best of luck in their respective competitions later in the year.

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  1. Thanks Guy for your article.
    Yes more training and pain for team GB at least this time in Mallorca there should be more chance of the swim not being cancelled due to extreme temperatures!!Also fantastic for Nicky whom i know has trained very hard for her qualification.

  2. Hearty congratulations to Croft’s trio of international triathletes. Do their records stand up to further scrutiny, however, as potential role models to other wannabe Croft triathletes ? Simon – the only runner to get lost on the Leinthall Starkes 5 course after more than a hundred races around that circuit. One day he will set off on a triathlon never to be seen again. Stuart – our very own “Mr Bump” as he bounces from one injury mishap to another. The Austin Maxi is in and out of the scrapyard more often than a vintage old banger. Nifty Nicky – a brilliant performance from a dedicated athlete so new to the triathlon game, but shouldn’t she be at home knitting socks and feeding stray cats at her age ? My idea of a proper triathlon – watching cricket, drinking beer and staring at women. Do I get a chance of international recognition for those disciplines ? There is no justice in this world. I will, though, raise a glass to the three top athletes whilst applauding a sweet cover drive and ogling page 3.

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