• Tom Davies 27.16
  • Martin Williams 27.47 (P.B. by 2 mins. 18 secs.)
  • Frank Luscott 28.07 (P.B. by 2 mins. 01 secs.)
  • Gary Gunner 25.53
  • Gavin Wright 23.47 (P.B. by 49 secs.)
  • Nicky Turvey 27.37
  • Dave Moss 24.39
  • Patrick Pearson 24.08
  • Dave Ameghino 24.17
  • Suzanne Turvey 25.56 (P.B. by 06 secs.)
  • Glyn Williams 23.44
  • Simon Norwood 23.21
  • Alison Cooke 26.41
  • Kim Wood 35.37

Dave George 23.39

Liza Austin 33.14 (Debut)

The penultimate race in the 2009 series attracted the smallest field of the summer, with almost as many spectators as runners, but it was still a healthy turnout for this long-running club competition.

Tom, having suffered from post-3 Peaks exhaustion last month, bounced back with his first handicap victory for many years in first place. Martin and Frank, both running the course for only the second time, continued their upward progression to finish 2 nd. and 3 rd. with big time improvements and Gavin seems to record P.B.’s every time he runs. Suzanne improved her P.B. by just 6 secs., but in doing so she climbed to No.3 on the all-time Female list over the Croft Woods course.

Welcome back to Dave George after a lengthy and frustrating injury layoff. He managed to remember his way around the woodland course, which is more than can be said for a few confused runners.

One more to go – on Tuesday 8 th. Sept. Don’t be late – the darker nights are drawing in rapidly.

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