• Kim Wood 32.45 (P.B. by 2 mins. 05 secs.)
  • Simon Powney 23.46 (P.B. by 49 secs.)
  • Nicky Turvey 27.34 (P.B. by 31 secs.)
  • Jon Utley 24.30 (P.B. by 52 secs.)
  • Gavin Wright 24.36 (Debut)
  • Pat Pearson 23.56
  • Rachel Nelson 29.52 (P.B. by 1 min. 35 secs.)
  • Dan Barnett 22.46 (P.B. by 26 secs.)
  • Guy Whitmarsh 27.05 (Vet. O.65 record)
  • Stacey Morgan 21.52
  • Frank Luscott 28.25 (Debut)
  • Gary Gunner 26.47
  • Catherine Percival 33.14
  • Steve Jakeman 28.05 (P.B. by 1 min. 36 secs.)
  • Tom Davies 29.19
  • Bryan Markham 33.22


Dave Ameghino 23.17 (Debut)

Richard Hornsby 24.51

Martin Williams 30.05 (Debut)


Wet undergrowth and rainy conditions failed to dampen the runners enthusiasm as a plethora of P.B.’s was set. The abilities of the “Old Timer” were sorely tested as runners set off at incorrect times, whilst some got lost in their warm-ups, and many crossed the finish line together (which should be the case in a handicap event), so it is hoped that the results are correct.

Kim ran a brilliant solo run at the front of the field to slice a huge 2 mins. 5 secs. from last year’s P.B. Simon P. improved his best by a big chunk as he demonstrated the benefits of more consistent training and Nicky was 3 rd. as she continued her road back to full recovery.

Bryan awarded his discretionary prize to Rachel, who continued her progress by knocking over one and a half minutes from her best.

Dave Ameghino’s first run over the course resulted in an impressive performance which places him at no. 11 on the all-time fastest in the event.

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