1. Dave Rouse Snr. 28.25
2. Suzanne Turvey 26.02 (P.B. by 1.26)
3. Richard Hornsby 23.40 (P.B. by 1.09)
4. Kim Wood 35.52 (P.B. by 0.42)
5. Patrick Pearson 23.58
6. Dave Powell 23.58
7. Dan Barnett 23.12 (P.B. by 0.02)
8. Dave Rouse Jnr. 23.56
9. Ian Cooper 26.20
10. Rachel Nelson 32.18
11. Gary Gunner 27.20
12. Tom Davies 27.07
13. Dave Moss 24.01
14. Bryan Markham 31.00
15. Alison Cooke 27.30
16. Nicky Turvey 29.29 Recent heavy rain had made underfoot conditions tricky and caused the foliage to flop across the course, so it was remarkable that so many excellent performances were produced. Senior Dave was first across the line by a huge distance as he started to recapture some form. Suzanne’s continued improvement was expected as she sliced a big chunk off last year’s time. Richard again impressed everyone as he registered another big P.B. as he seems to have done with every run this summer. Rosy-cheeked Kim was rewarded for her progress with the Chairman’s discretionary award.
Just one more race to go in the 2008 series and 14 runners, theoretically, still have a chance of winning the Handicap Trophy. All will be revealed at the final event on Tuesday 9th. Sept.

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