Committee meeting – June 20th


1. It was decided to donate £100 to the First Responders who attended Shobdon Wood race, £50 Shobdon Arches pre-school group and £50 to Westfield Special School (Leominster) in aid of their hydrotherapy pool. 2. The club  still holds around £2,500 in the bank, so it was also decided to hold a sale of club vests, at a subsidised price, to encourage uniformity of ‘dress’. 3. The multi-events would be on July 13th (1pm) at Lucton School – juniors from 5 upwards are welcome. 4. Mike would appreciate offers of help for Shobdon (July 23rd); members are to be asked to bring cakes etc for runners’ refreshments. 5. A new course has been devised for the Croft Woods handicap race, so as to avoid the narrow, muddy, tricky path around the back. The start is now almost as for the cross country, just above the car park. 6. £50 was donated to Leinthall Starkes PCC as a thank-you for use of their village for the handicap races. 7. It is now possible to pay subs electronically. Details from either Catherine ([email protected]) or Guy ([email protected]), or nearer renewal date, on the website.

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