Committee meeting


The committee agreed that for the club championship races the Ron Skilton half marathon (25 October) should replace the Breinton 10, which, now the race date has been published, we discover clashes with the Source of the Severn race.

There is a healthy bank balance, but we weren’t able to donate as much as usual to charity from the Shobdon Wood race since numbers were down. It also became clear that a large number of runners have not yet paid their annual subs (£20); this can be done via the website (at a cost of £1 extra), or to Catherine direct. Runners who have not paid up should not be claiming club membership at races – they are also not covered by UKA insurance.

Mike appealed to those who may want to run the second handicap race on Tuesday to let him know in advance, so he can have time to work out a fair handicap. He would also like people to volunteer to help set up the Kinnersley course (June 3rd). Bryan would seek permission from Lucton School to hold the multi-events (which would again be open to juniors) on Sunday July 5th.

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