Winter X-C final positions

Race Results Winter league

* Finished all 5 races in the series

1Tim DaviesMaldwyn Harriers4
2Matt James *Hereford Couriers9
3Mark LamonbyCroft Ambrey R.C.16
4Steve Flowers *Wye Valley Runners24
5Sam MayglothlingCroft Ambrey R.C.24
6Liam GriceWye Valley Runners26
7Luke JamesMonross Trailblazers38
8Sion Parry *Builth & District R.C.39
9Craig CollierLudlow Runners40
10Martin Copus *Maldwyn Harriers41
11Greg Davies *Croft Ambrey R.C.54
12Neil Grinnell *Ledbury & District Harriers68
13Ben ReesCroft Ambrey R.C.68
14Thomas PowellLudlow Runners83
15Mark Williams *Rhayader A.C.92
16Reece Moles *Maldwyn Harriers110
17Paul DewsLudlow Runners110
18Jamie GreenLudlow Runners121
MEN O.40
1Christian Jones *Wye Valley Runners7
2Jeremy JehanWye Valley Runners12
3Andy Taylor *Hereford Triathlon Club15
4Ian Whistance *Wye Valley Runners24
5Steve Mesham *Presteigne Pacers36
6Ian FosterHereford Triathlon Club49
7Nick TylerLedbury & District Harriers53
8Paul Parker *Ludlow Runners55
MEN O.45
1Russell James *Hereford Couriers4
2Bryan Arthur *Maldwyn Harriers8
3Mike FawcettWye Valley Runners13
4Andy Moxon *Wye Valley Runners19
5Adrian Taylor *Presteigne Pacers20
6Nigel TaylorCroft Ambrey R.C.28
7Paul BoustonWye Valley Runners32
8Antony WadeCroft Ambrey R.C.58
9Neil Lewis *Hereford Couriers60
MEN O.50
1Dave Williams *Hereford Couriers8
2Chris NorthHay Hotfooters11
3Chris Law *Ledbury & District Harriers13
4Glyn FletcherMaldwyn Harriers20
5Dan PavittLudlow Runners31
6Paul ThomasMaldwyn Harriers35
7Duncan LoughreyWye Valley Runners38
8Kevin Barnes *Hereford Couriers48
9Michael SmallwoodWye Valley Runners53
10Andy TiptonLudlow Runners67
MEN O.55
1Martin GreenMaldwyn Harriers8
2Piotr Strzesak *Presteigne Pacers16
3Neil Taylor *Croft Ambrey R.C.16
4Clive RichardsonLudlow Runners28
5John PriceHay Hotfooters36
6Liam Daly *Builth & District R.C.37
MEN O.60
1Geoff Kay *Hereford Couriers6
2Chris Copus *Maldwyn Harriers10
3Sandy RossLudlow Runners19
MEN O.65
1Ashley RobinsonCroft Ambrey R.C.5
2Peter Smith *Wye Valley Runners12
3Tom DaviesCroft Ambrey R.C.14
4Martyn RosserHay Hotfooters *18
MEN O.70
1Brian SymondsWye Valley Runners7
2David HaynesLudlow Runners10
1Todd TannerMaldwyn Harriers6
1Kaya SaulMaldwyn Harriers3
1Nicola DaviesMaldwyn Harriers4
2Daneen Hughes *Wye Valley Runners9
3Laura Lelievre *Monross Trailblazers13
4Kim SaundersWye Valley Runners24
5Vanessa BallMonross Trailblazers31
6Emily HintonLudlow Runners33
7Cecilia HarmanRhayader A.C.46
8Rachelle ProtheroWye Valley Runners61
1Gintare Gaigaliene *Wye Valley Runners4
2Emily Davies *Wye Valley Runners17
3Cath Watkins *Wye Valley Runners18
4Jo EllisWye Valley Runners19
5Susannah KirkLedbury & District Harriers22
1Jo ReesRhayader A.C.4
2Sam Harper *Croft Ambrey R.C.14
3Steph MainCroft Ambrey R.C.15
4Andrea FordLudlow Runners23
5Carol Powell *Croft Ambrey R.C.27
6Mary MortonRhayader A.C.31
1Jenny Papworth *Hereford Triathlon Club7
2Sarah JamiesonLudlow Runners12
3Julia Ellis *Maldwyn Harriers14
4Lynne Compton *Wye Valley Runners18
5Cheryl Lehany-DaviesHay Hotfooters29
6Michele ParkerLudlow Runners40
1Susan DaviesCroft Ambrey R.C.4
2Alison CookeHereford Couriers8
3Tracy Miles *Hereford Couriers9
4Billy SmallwoodWye Valley Runners20
1Rita TomkinsPresteigne Pacers4
2Jan Edwards *Wye Valley Runners7
3Tina Lavelle *Hay Hotfooters12
4Susannah English *Hay Hotfooters20
5Georgina FletcherMaldwyn Harriers21
6Caroline Orrells *Maldwyn Harriers27

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