Shobdon Wood Race 2022 – Results

Race Results Shobdon Woods

We are really greatful to Ready, Set, Go for timing the Shobdon Wood Race on Sunday 15th May 2022. You can find the results on their website or see below!

If you click on the little arrows at the top of each column – you can sort them by club or age category, just click on position to take it back to the finishing order!

PositionNameClubTimeAge CategoryRank
1Matthew YappCroft Ambrey RC42:08:00Senior Male1st
2Wyndham Turner42:56:00Senior Male2nd
3Gareth LeekCroft Ambrey RC43:50:00Senior Male3rd
4Aidan YappCroft Ambrey RC45:20:00Male Under 201st
5Rob BoweryBlack Pear Joggers47:22:00Vet 45 Male1st
6Luke MasonHereford Couriers47:32:00Senior Male4th
7Todd Wright47:49:00Senior Male5th
8Simon NorwoodCroft Ambrey49:06:00Vet 50 Male1st
9Jeremy JehanWye Valley Runners49:18:00Vet 45 Male2nd
10Stefan SternuopfWorcester AC49:35:00Vet 55 Male1st
11Jonathan PhillipsBlack Pear Joggers50:13:00Senior Male6th
12Sam JusonCroft Ambrey RC50:37:00Senior Male7th
13Mike Fawcett51:32:00Vet 55 Male2nd
14Nick HitchingsWorcester AC51:43:00Vet 50 Male2nd
15Neil GrinnellLedbury & District Harriers52:01:00Vet 45 Male3rd
16Rhys DaviesBuilth & District52:12:00Senior Male8th
17David GeorgeCroft Ambrey RC52:38:00Vet 50 Male3rd
18Hannah FletcherCroft Ambrey RC52:46:00Vet 35 Female1st
19Adam KnightsBlack Pear Joggers52:55:00Senior Male9th
20Michael ReynoldsSolihull & Small Heath Athletic Club53:07:00Vet 55 Male3rd
21Danny Staines53:22:00Senior Male10th
22David Archer53:22:00Vet 45 Male4th
23Jasper RobinsonCroft Ambrey RC54:20:00Senior Male11th
24Mark Steven MathewsForest of Dean AC54:24:00Vet 50 Male4th
25Martin CarterHereford Couriers54:28:00Vet 55 Male4th
26Alastair Macnaughton55:18:00Senior Male12th
27Neil PowellCroft Ambrey RC55:20:00Vet 50 Male5th
28Steve PartridgeCroft Ambrey RC55:40:00Vet 40 Male1st
29David Brick56:15:00Senior Male13th
30Jonathan DaveyHereford Couriers56:44:00Vet 55 Male5th
31Frank AthertonFell Running Association57:02:00Vet 55 Male6th
32Martin Thomas57:42:00Vet 50 Male6th
33Daniel Grater57:54:00Senior Male14th
34Matthew WoodyattCocks Moors Woods57:58:00Senior Male15th
35Emma JonesCroft Ambrey RC58:03:00Vet 45 Female1st
36Mia DaviesCroft Ambrey RC58:13:00Senior Female1st
37Becki AnsfieldWye Valley Runners58:23:00Vet 45 Female2nd
38Iain PrenticeLudlow Runners58:27:00Vet 55 Male7th
39Nic DaunceyBlack Pear Joggers59:08:00Vet 50 Male7th
40Glenn DaviesMalvern Joggers59:10:00Vet 40 Male2nd
41Thea PreeceCroft Ambrey RC59:14:00Senior Female2nd
42Steve HeringtonHereford Couriers59:22:00Vet 70 Male1st
43Stuart Jarvis59:52:00Vet 40 Male3rd
44Neil TaylorCroft Ambrey RC59:58:00Vet 65 Male1st
45Nick YarworthMalvern Joggers59:59:00Vet 60 Male1st
46Greg JonesCroft Ambrey RC1:00:02Vet 50 Male8th
47Daniel Brazier1:00:14Senior Male16th
48Rob JonesBlack Pear Joggers1:00:36Senior Male17th
49Stuart HendrenWrye Forest Hash1:00:42Vet 40 Male4th
50Roland PreeceCroft Ambrey RC1:00:43Vet 55 Male8th
51Lucy CambridgeErme Valley Harriers1:00:56Vet 50 Female1st
52John Woodward1:01:08Senior Male18th
53David RouseCroft Ambrey RC1:01:23Vet 40 Male5th
54Dale BozwardBlack Pear Joggers1:01:23Senior Male19th
55Kate GreenLedbury & District Harriers1:01:25Vet 55 Female1st
56Sarah AskeyHereford Couriers1:01:28Vet 55 Female2nd
57Duncan CresswellNewent Runners1:01:28Vet 40 Male6th
58Jo MarriottCroft Ambrey RC1:01:38Vet 50 Female2nd
59Steve RoodeLonely Goat1:01:40Vet 55 Male9th
60Alison WalkerBlack Pear Joggers1:01:51Senior Female3rd
61Joanne TilbyCroft Ambrey RC1:02:14Vet 40 Female1st
62Emma StewardsonLudlow Runners1:03:01Vet 40 Female2nd
63Stuart WakelamBlack Pear Joggers1:03:06Vet 60 Male2nd
64Brent LowsonWye Valley Runners1:03:09Vet 60 Male3rd
65Ifan JonesMaldwyn Harriers1:03:31Vet 55 Male10th
66Lee MonksCroft Ambrey RC1:03:50Senior Male20th
67Guy JenkinsHereford Couriers1:03:59Vet 60 Male4th
68Jane Hayde1:04:07Vet 35 Female2nd
69Ashley RobinsonCroft Ambrey RC1:04:20Vet 70 Male2nd
70Peter CartwrightLudlow Runners1:04:25Vet 65 Male2nd
71David MossCroft Ambrey RC1:04:59Vet 50 Male9th
72Mike WoodyattCocks Moors Woods1:05:09Vet 60 Male5th
73Mark Leek1:05:11Vet 55 Male11th
74Rachel BradburyBuilth & District1:05:13Vet 40 Female3rd
75Alison HitchingsBlack Pear Joggers1:05:18Vet 45 Female3rd
76Stephanie MainCroft Ambrey RC1:05:33Vet 50 Female3rd
77Victoria WoodhallHereford Couriers1:05:37Vet 45 Female4th
78Howard VerranCroft Ambrey RC1:06:04Vet 45 Male5th
79Craig Price1:06:04Vet 40 Male7th
80Helen Roberts1:06:12Vet 35 Female3rd
81Samantha HarperCroft Ambrey RC1:06:16Vet 45 Female5th
82Flora GunnerCroft Ambrey RC1:07:08Vet 55 Female3rd
83Oliver Cameron-SwanCroft Ambrey RC1:07:25Vet 45 Male6th
84Kevin BarnesHereford Couriers1:07:25Vet 55 Male12th
85Ian WalwynBlack Pear Joggers1:07:45Vet 65 Male3rd
86Katie GromskiBlack Pear Joggers1:08:07Vet 40 Female4th
87Nikki TylerHereford Couriers1:08:33Vet 50 Female4th
88Alex Gromski1:08:35Vet 40 Male8th
89Rob WoodCroft Ambrey RC1:08:39Vet 65 Male4th
90Gary GunnerCroft Ambrey RC1:09:04Vet 75 Male1st
91Nikki Louise Doherty1:09:15Vet 35 Female4th
92Amy Purvin1:09:27Senior Female4th
93Emma Price1:09:46Senior Female5th
94Lauren Jaques1:10:00Vet 45 Female6th
95Mark Richards1:10:31Vet 55 Male13th
96Steve Longley1:10:31Vet 50 Male10th
97Jacqui WyndsForest of Dean AC1:10:56Vet 65 Female1st
98Lisa GrayCroft Ambrey RC1:10:57Vet 50 Female5th
99Mark Marshall1:11:14Vet 50 Male11th
100Carol SwornRunning Somewhere Else1:11:15Vet 55 Female4th
101Tina CartwrightLudlow Runners1:11:44Vet 60 Female1st
102Ireland Lawrence1:13:08Senior Female6th
103Sue Purvin1:13:16Vet 60 Female2nd
104Stephanie KingCroft Ambrey RC1:13:22Vet 55 Female5th
105Stephanie Waring1:13:30Vet 40 Female5th
106Menna Breeze1:13:45Senior Female7th
107Deborah BandBlack Pear Joggers1:14:32Vet 55 Female6th
108Stacker Martin1:14:38Vet 40 Male9th
109Kerry Morgan1:14:55Vet 35 Female5th
110Nikki FergusonCroft Ambrey RC1:15:03Senior Female8th
111Matt JonesBuilth & District1:15:40Senior Male21st
112Georgina FletcherMaldwyn Harriers1:15:52Vet 60 Female3rd
113Katie Lloyd1:16:19Senior Female9th
114Claire ShortMalvern Buzzards Running Club1:17:22Vet 40 Female6th
115Sue WoodCroft Ambrey RC1:17:29Vet 65 Female2nd
116Huw WilliamsCroft Ambrey RC1:17:32Vet 60 Male6th
117Diane JonesMaldwyn Harriers1:18:24Vet 50 Female6th
118Lebo MsimangaHereford & County AC1:20:04Vet 40 Female7th
119Vivien TolleyMalvern Joggers1:20:12Vet 60 Female4th
120Ian Haines1:22:20Vet 55 Male14th
121Frank LuscottCroft Ambrey RC1:22:23Vet 65 Male5th
122Tim Wain-HobsonCroft Ambrey RC1:23:10Vet 65 Male6th
123Sarah Richards1:24:19Vet 50 Female7th
124Andrea Longley1:24:20Vet 50 Female8th
125Sarah Nurman1:24:55Vet 45 Female7th
126Karen OakleyBuilth & District1:25:07Vet 55 Female7th
127Sybil MarshLudlow Runners1:25:15Vet 70 Female1st
128Hazel LewisJust Moves1:25:29Vet 45 Female8th
129Anya LeesBlack Pear Joggers1:25:50Senior Female10th
130James Galliers1:27:11Senior Male22nd
131Sandra BanfieldDolly Mixtures1:29:20Vet 60 Female5th
132Stephen Jaques1:29:51Vet 40 Male10th
133Rachell Thomas1:34:29Vet 40 Female8th
134Hargadon Dawn1:34:29Vet 50 Female9th
135Bryan MarkhamCroft Ambrey RC1:39:19Vet 80 Male1st


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