Hereford and Borders Summer League – Race 4 Much Markle

Race Results Summer league

Huge thanks to ReadySetGo for timing the races of summer league and sharing the results to allow us to put them on the wesite here.

PDF versions of the race and full series results can be found here on the ReadySetGo website.

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Pos.BibNameGenderClubTimePointsAge CatAge Cat Rank
1st32Oliver PerrettMLudlow Runners27:261Senior Male1st
2nd120Eric ApperleyMCroft Ambrey RC28:272Senior Male2nd
3rd152Gareth LeekMCroft Ambrey RC28:303Senior Male3rd
4th383Luke GrayMMonross Trailblazers28:354Vet 35 Male1st
5th151Mark LamonbyMCroft Ambrey RC28:425Senior Male4th
6th256Matt JamesMHereford Couriers RC28:596Vet 35 Male2nd
7th40Jamie ShinglerMLudlow Runners29:057Vet 45 Male1st
8th21Alex LoganMLudlow Runners29:178Vet 40 Male1st
9th407Mike PfeifferMBuilth and District29:419Vet 55 Male1st
10th389Rob NichollsMMonross Trailblazers29:4810Vet 35 Male3rd
11th263Ryan KnightMHereford Couriers RC29:5911Senior Male5th
12th271Luke MasonMHereford Couriers RC30:1912Vet 35 Male4th
13th379Toby DickensMMonross Trailblazers30:2613Senior Male6th
14th385Gavin JonesMMonross Trailblazers30:3814Senior Male7th
15th266Ryan LawrenceMHereford Couriers RC30:4615Senior Male8th
16th275William MorrisMHereford Couriers RC31:3116Senior Male9th
17th386Mark KilleenMMonross Trailblazers31:4317Senior Male10th
18th161Simon NorwoodMCroft Ambrey RC32:0918Vet 50 Male1st
19th84Craig EvansMHereford Triathlon Club32:3119Vet 50 Male2nd
20th225Ian SockettMWye Valley Runners32:3220Vet 50 Male3rd
21st288Ben SkinnerMHereford Couriers RC32:3621Vet 35 Male5th
22nd319Rhys DaviesMBuilth and District32:4122Senior Male11th
23rd357Matthew SullivanMBuilth and District32:4523Senior Male12th
24th90Peter KovalMHereford Triathlon Club32:4524Vet 35 Male6th
25th178Nigel TaylorMCroft Ambrey RC32:5725Vet 55 Male2nd
26th53Claire ThomasFLudlow Runners33:2326Vet 35 Female1st
27th411Martin LloydMHereford Couriers RC33:2927Vet 40 Male2nd
28th138Hannah FletcherFCroft Ambrey RC33:3728Vet 35 Female2nd
29th394Grant WhiteMMonross Trailblazers33:3929Senior Male13th
30th211Jeremy JehanMWye Valley Runners33:5030Vet 50 Male4th
31st421Stafford ReesMBuilth and District33:5231Vet 50 Male5th
32nd377Richard BevanMMonross Trailblazers33:5232Vet 45 Male2nd
33rd231Lea WoodMWye Valley Runners33:5333Vet 35 Male7th
34th235Martin CarterMHereford Couriers RC33:5534Vet 55 Male3rd
35th100Andy TaylorMHereford Triathlon Club34:0835Vet 50 Male6th
36th372Neil GrinnellMLedbury Harriers34:1136Vet 45 Male3rd
37th109Gareth LloydMPresteigne Pacers34:1937Senior Male14th
38th127Charlotte BroadhurstFCroft Ambrey RC34:2838Female Under 201st
39th347Josh PriceMBuilth and District34:3139Senior Male15th
40th330Dai HarrisMBuilth and District34:5140Vet 35 Male8th
41st238Will ConnellMHereford Couriers RC34:5441Senior Male16th
42nd93Paul MammattMHereford Triathlon Club34:5942Vet 50 Male7th
43rd391Andrew StephensMMonross Trailblazers35:0643Vet 45 Male4th
44th15Amy FulfordFLudlow Runners35:0944Vet 45 Female1st
45th162Steve PartrigeMCroft Ambrey RC35:1945Vet 40 Male3rd
46th430Robert PotterMMonross Trailblazers35:2246Vet 45 Male5th
47th236Chris ClearyMHereford Couriers RC35:3347Senior Male17th
48th125Kelly BowenFCroft Ambrey RC35:3548Vet 35 Female3rd
49th133Mia DaviesFCroft Ambrey RC35:3949Senior Female1st
50th352Joanne ReesFBuilth and District35:4050Vet 45 Female2nd
51st213David KlotzMWye Valley Runners35:4351Vet 40 Male4th
52nd424Gavin SamuelMBuilth and District35:4552Vet 35 Male9th
53rd239Nigel ReadeMHereford Couriers RC35:5253Vet 40 Male5th
54th334Kate JonesFBuilth and District36:0954Senior Female2nd
55th240Jonathan DaveyMHereford Couriers RC36:2655Vet 55 Male4th
56th58Stephen GoodridgeMHay Hotfooters36:3856Vet 55 Male5th
57th390Martin ScrivensMMonross Trailblazers36:4957Vet 45 Male6th
58th36Iain PrenticeMLudlow Runners36:5058Vet 55 Male6th
59th292Ellie SmithersFHereford Couriers RC36:5659Senior Female3rd
60th257Lucy JarvisFHereford Couriers RC37:0260Senior Female4th
61st279Christina PlantFHereford Couriers RC37:1161Vet 35 Female4th
62nd147Greg JonesMCroft Ambrey RC37:1962Vet 50 Male8th
63rd250Laura HandsFHereford Couriers RC37:2263Senior Female5th
64th270Clare MallenderFHereford Couriers RC37:3064Vet 40 Female1st
65th207Robert GilliganMWye Valley Runners37:3365Vet 55 Male7th
66th364Gareth WoodMBuilth and District37:3466Senior Male18th
67th110Steve MeshamMPresteigne Pacers37:3967Vet 50 Male9th
68th177Neil TaylorMCroft Ambrey RC37:4568Vet 65 Male1st
69th179Jo TilbyFCroft Ambrey RC37:5269Vet 40 Female2nd
70th78Kevin ArtusMHereford Triathlon Club37:5870Vet 45 Male7th
71st254Mark HookinsMHereford Couriers RC38:0271Vet 50 Male10th
72nd56Mick CollinsMHay Hotfooters38:1172Vet 55 Male8th
73rd216Amelia LouthFWye Valley Runners38:2373Senior Female6th
74th167Thea PreeceFCroft Ambrey RC38:2574Senior Female7th
75th252Steve HeringtonMHereford Couriers RC38:2975Vet 70 Male1st
76th23Russell LimbertMLudlow Runners38:3076Vet 55 Male9th
77th228James VidlerMWye Valley Runners38:3677Vet 60 Male1st
78th29Paul ParkerMLudlow Runners38:4778Vet 50 Male11th
79th160Lee MonksMCroft Ambrey RC38:5679Vet 35 Male10th
80th420Kate GreenFLedbury Harriers39:1280Vet 55 Female1st
81st265Kimberley LangfordFHereford Couriers RC39:1581Senior Female8th
82nd388Jonathan MeadowsMMonross Trailblazers39:1982Vet 35 Male11th
83rd300David WilliamsMHereford Couriers RC39:3583Vet 60 Male2nd
84th192Stuart AustinMCroft Ambrey RC39:3984Vet 55 Male10th
85th351Christian PrynneMBuilth and District39:4685Vet 50 Male12th
86th145Tim JonesMCroft Ambrey RC39:4686Vet 55 Male11th
87th146Emma JonesFCroft Ambrey RC39:5087Vet 45 Female3rd
88th345Robert PriceMBuilth and District39:5388Vet 45 Male8th
89th170Roland PreeceMCroft Ambrey RC40:0789Vet 55 Male12th
90th157Jo MarriottFCroft Ambrey RC40:1090Vet 50 Female1st
91st171Ian PriceMCroft Ambrey RC40:1291Vet 70 Male2nd
92nd393Vanessa WardFMonross Trailblazers40:1892Vet 35 Female5th
93rd57Kevin DunsterMHay Hotfooters40:2093Vet 60 Male3rd
94th199Lynne ComptonFWye Valley Runners40:2094Vet 55 Female2nd
95th248David GreenMHereford Couriers RC40:3895Vet 55 Male13th
96th82Richard CrawleyMHereford Triathlon Club40:3996Vet 45 Male9th
97th198Tony ChampkenMWye Valley Runners40:4197Vet 65 Male2nd
98th310Abi KnightFHereford Couriers RC40:4398Senior Female9th
99th360Gunvor TroelsenFBuilth and District41:0999Vet 55 Female3rd
100th223Lorna ShawFWye Valley Runners41:26100Vet 60 Female1st
101st378Lucia DemkovaFMonross Trailblazers41:44101Vet 40 Female3rd
102nd99Mike ShawMHereford Triathlon Club41:50102Vet 70 Male3rd
103rd85Ian FosterMHereford Triathlon Club41:52103Vet 50 Male13th
104th180Howard VerranMCroft Ambrey RC42:03104Vet 45 Male10th
105th43Emma StewardsonFLudlow Runners42:09105Vet 40 Female4th
106th12Saul PhillipsMLudlow Runners42:10106Vet 40 Male6th
107th94Deanna MammattFHereford Triathlon Club42:15107Vet 45 Female4th
108th9Peter CartwrightMLudlow Runners42:24108Vet 65 Male3rd
109th55Sharon CollinsFHay Hotfooters42:25109Vet 55 Female4th
110th381Rebecca RoseanneFMonross Trailblazers42:26110Senior Female10th
111th215Ralph LloydMWye Valley Runners42:49111Vet 60 Male4th
112th249Kim HandleyFHereford Couriers RC42:51112Vet 35 Female6th
113th329Phillip HarrisMBuilth and District43:01113Vet 40 Male7th
114th398Raymond DaviesMBuilth and District43:07114Vet 40 Male8th
115th405Emma BagshawFBuilth and District43:10115Vet 50 Female2nd
116th431Mark ScrivensMMonross Trailblazers43:13116Vet 45 Male11th
117th202Mark DempseyMWye Valley Runners43:17117Vet 65 Male4th
118th193Janet MarsdenFCroft Ambrey RC43:19118Vet 55 Female5th
119th168Bronwyn PreeceFCroft Ambrey RC43:23119Senior Female11th
120th128Oliver Cameron SwanMCroft Ambrey RC43:33120Vet 45 Male12th
121st142Gary GunnerMCroft Ambrey RC43:41121Vet 75 Male1st
122nd143Samantha HarperFCroft Ambrey RC43:42122Vet 45 Female5th
123rd79John BilboaMHereford Triathlon Club43:42123Vet 65 Male5th
124th227Gordon TruluckMWye Valley Runners43:43124Vet 65 Male6th
125th203Jo EllisFWye Valley Runners43:43125Vet 40 Female5th
126th395Sophie WilliamsFMonross Trailblazers43:44126Vet 35 Female7th
127th234Kevin BarnesMHereford Couriers RC43:51127Vet 55 Male14th
128th104Jamie CookMPresteigne Pacers44:29128Vet 60 Male5th
129th241Yulia DimitrovFHereford Couriers RC44:38129Vet 40 Female6th
130th273Adam Mitchell-HaywoodMHereford Couriers RC44:43130Vet 40 Male9th
131st380James FletcherMMonross Trailblazers44:56131Vet 55 Male15th
132nd102Rachel TrottFHereford Triathlon Club44:57132Vet 50 Female3rd
133rd200Emily DaviesFWye Valley Runners45:08133Vet 40 Female7th
134th135Nikki DohertyFCroft Ambrey RC45:19134Vet 35 Female8th
135th363Gary WattsMBuilth and District45:33135Vet 55 Male16th
136th108Bryan LloydMPresteigne Pacers45:45136Vet 60 Male6th
137th428Rachael ToolanFWye Valley Runners46:02137Vet 40 Female8th
138th72Crispin EltMHay Hotfooters46:22138Vet 60 Male7th
139th253Stephen HobsonMHereford Couriers RC46:39139Vet 60 Male8th
140th118Sahrah WildingFPresteigne Pacers47:09140Vet 55 Female6th
141st174Louise ReevesFCroft Ambrey RC47:30141Vet 45 Female6th
142nd308Celia EscandeFHereford Couriers RC47:33142Senior Female12th
143rd10Tina CartwrightFLudlow Runners47:36143Vet 65 Female1st
144th197Sian ChampkenFWye Valley Runners48:12144Vet 50 Female4th
145th274David Mitchell-HaywoodMHereford Couriers RC48:16145Vet 35 Male12th
146th63Tina LavelleFHay Hotfooters48:24146Vet 65 Female2nd
147th335Nicola KellyFBuilth and District48:46147Vet 50 Female5th
148th183Huw WilliamsMCroft Ambrey RC49:01148Vet 60 Male9th
149th136Nikki FergussonFCroft Ambrey RC49:06149Senior Female13th
150th432Samantha StaceyFHereford Couriers RC49:11150Vet 40 Female9th
151st349Shannon PriceFBuilth and District49:44151Senior Female14th
152nd131Gemma DaviesFCroft Ambrey RC49:49152Vet 40 Female10th
153rd396Olivia WattsFBuilth and District50:48153Senior Female15th
154th362Izzy WattsFBuilth and District50:48154Vet 40 Female11th
155th105Samantha CoxshallFPresteigne Pacers51:15155Vet 35 Female9th
156th425Tina HarrisonFBuilth and District51:16156Vet 55 Female7th
157th422Brian SymondsMWye Valley Runners51:18157Vet 75 Male2nd
158th16Stu GambleMLudlow Runners52:04158Vet 45 Male13th
159th4Alison BenwellFLudlow Runners52:04159Vet 55 Female8th
160th169Clare PreeceFCroft Ambrey RC52:44160Vet 50 Female6th
161st306Laura PriceFHereford Couriers RC54:02161Senior Female16th
162nd132Tom DaviesMCroft Ambrey RC55:54162Vet 70 Male4th
163rd208Bill GriffithsMWye Valley Runners57:29163Vet 70 Male5th
164th276John NoonanMHereford Couriers RC59:26164Vet 60 Male10th
165th243Liz FishpoolFHereford Couriers RC1:03:03165Senior Female17th
166th156Bryan MarkhamMCroft Ambrey RC1:04:37166Vet 80 Male1st
167th338Callum MorrisMBuilth and District20:03167Male Under 171st

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