Bircher round 4

Croft handicap series Race Reports
RunnerTime PB?Gain
Gary Gunner34.42PB33 secs
Tim Jones31.57PB25 secs
Guy Whitmarsh34.22PB7 secs
Tom Davies42.03PB19
Carol Powell36.25PB3 secs
Rob Wood34.54PB1 m 16 secs
Sam Harper34.54
Steph King34.34PB3 secs
Sue Powell32.32
Kelly Bowen29.41PB6 secs
Eric Apperly24.31
Mike Hayward38.57Debut (with slight detour)
Flora Gunner35.14PB22 secs
Lorraine Guest40.00

On a pleasantly cool(er) evening, some ten members ran round the Bircher handicap course, suitably socially distanced, and despite fairly rudimentary handicapping, all finished within a few minutes of each other, but there was no mad collective rush for the line. Our guest runner, Mike, set off with others in sight, but not knowing the course, became detached and ran somehat further than intended.

It’s impressive to see how many are still able to achieve a PB, even after completing the course more than the four times the results suggest.

It is hoped over the next few weeks that we can resolve the parking issue and be able to resume training at Bircher Common before training has to move for the winter. If all goes to plan, we will be able to cater for larger numbers competing round the common.

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