Bircher ‘Handicap’ Course – Round 3

Croft handicap series Race Reports
Hannah Fletcher28.160.40
Guy Whitmarsh34.43
Simon Norwood25.220.58
Dave George25.480.36
Sam Juson27.52
Bryan Markham47.561.04
Neil Taylor 32.33
Kelly Bowen30.09
Eric Apperly24.191.46
Tory Dickinson38.530.27
Bronwyn Preece38.122.16
Sam Harper35.21
Tom Davies44.173.47
Sue Wood39.41
Rob Wood36.10
Steph King34.37
Flora Gunner35.36
Naomi Perkins31.39
Carol Powell36.280.09
Thea Preece36.311.34
Sue Powell32.210.04
Jo Marriott31.48

Round three completed, and the course is gradually being marked by the increased footfall, especially as you start out on the top common. Numbers were down a bit perhaps this time round, and the weather certainly varied according to when you ran – sometimes warm, sometimes windy, and for Sue P particularly, quite wet! But it’s good to see people still getting PBs over this quite demanding course.

Maybe soon we’ll be able to run it more as a race, with staggered starts for up to 4 runners at a time? Either way, although we’ve completed three rounds (as with the Croft Woods handicap series), there will be further fortnightly rounds for those who wish to continue running the course. Round 4 runs till August 9th.


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