Wye Valley Summer 10k

Race Reports

There were a grand total of four Croft members who ran the Wye Valley 10k on Wednesday.
A fantastic result from Stacey who romped home in first place, swiftly followed by Sam in a very close third place. Well done!
Jo Marriot came over the line in a respectable 47.31 followed by myself at a much slower pace of 56.20.
I used the excuse I’d got tired legs from the Crocodile 8 on Sunday but the reality was the route around Breinton was very picturesque and there were too many lovely houses and gardens to look at on my way round to appreciate the view if going at a cracking pace!! (That’s my excuse anyway!) Plus I met a lovely lady to whom I chatted to most of the way round which probably isn’t the ‘done thing’ to do by the more experienced race runners different to myself!
But it made a very enjoyable, though slowish type of evening for myself, whilst still recovering from my PB on the Crocodile 8 a few days earlier.
Hopefully those that ran the Croc 8 will be fully recovered and ready to roll up and race at Kinnersley on Wednesday.

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Wye Valley summer 10k


A rare occurrence happened on Sunday… more Croft women at an event than Croft men!

Ditching husbands and children (well most of them) for a couple of hours – Sam, Liza, Caz (almost a Croft member) and I decided to have a go at a 10k road run. Having missed the last two Leinthall Starkes circuits I wanted to see if I could reignite my fast-twitch muscles after the more sedate pace of a marathon. Sam suggested the Wye Valley 10k which she did last year and we decided to field a Croft female team!!

Lining up outside Hereford rowing club with a small field of about 80 runners we set off in chilly weather conditions for a relatively, undulating circuit on pretty country roads that headed out towards and around Breinton. Although there were no really steep hills, the ups followed the downs fairly relentlessly making it quite a struggle at times. Luckily, the last 500 metres were downhill which was a welcome relief!!

Although we lacked Croft’s faster women runners (Sue, Suzanne, Gemma) we didn’t do too badly in an event dominated (understandably) by Wye Valley. Out of 26 women, our placings were Jo – 6 th in 47.52, Liza – 7 th (48.46) and Sam – 9 th in 51.08 (knocking over 3 minutes off last year’s time!). Caz made a great effort in her first 10k to get round in 1:06.53. Our sole male Croft runner – Tony Wade completed in 44.11 (disappointing for him but still recovering from injury). Fastest woman was Claire Thomas from Ludlow Runners in 41.02 and fastest man was James Richards, Wye Valley, in 35.07.

This was a really friendly event, well marshalled and organised by Wye Valley Runners (“more marshals than runners” someone commented). There was tea, coffee and delicious flapjack afterwards as well as a free bag or socks. We were also invited to a post-race picnic but unfortunately had to decline as we were all running on borrowed time at that point!

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