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For those for whom 26.2 miles on tarmac isn’t enough, there’s the Snowdon marathon, which adds a bit of climbing to the mix, and a bit of off-road too. Not for the faint-hearted (one year it was cancelled because of the danger to life and limb in gale-force conditions).

Stacey and Paul C-D set off to tackle this hilly race. Stacey says he took the first 5 miles uphill steadily (as you would, with 21 miles still to go), and crossed the half-way point in 1hr 23 – a very reputable time. There then followed another 2 mile climb, and at 22 miles an even steeper gradient for 2 miles, before a 2 mile (was everything in multiples of 2?) descent along a stony track, onto tarmac (painful, at that stage) and then the final run in to the finish along the street. He completed the course in a very fine 2 hours 52 minutes, in 12th place overall, but 1st vet and Welsh champion! A magnificent feat, well done Stacey! (He noticed another Croft name on the trophy – that of Tom’s older brother, Brian, who ran the course some four and half minutes faster than Stacey).

Paul  found it hard going, certainly harder than his first attempt, aged 21, back in 1986! He crossed the line in 4.39, probably vowing never to run again, but, hey, next morning, he was already planning to dip below 4 hours next year. If we didn’t set ourselves targets, what would there be to get up for?

Well done to both. Whatever the speed, a race like that is tough. It’s rumoured there was a third Croft runner, who I hope will reveal themselves.

4 thoughts on “Snowdon Marathon

  1. Well done Guys Stacy an awesome performance
    the other runner I believe was Matt Moffat whom unfortunately did not make start line through injury? ??

  2. I was expecting another croftie…hope Matt gets better soon. For the record, my attempt age 21 was 3hrs 25..of that, I am very proud. 4 hrs 39 does not make me happy but lets see what I can do to turn that around. There is no excuse for not training enough! I was trying to shortcut it back to long distance based on walking training only in the Alps whilst leading trekking groups. But althought this got me around, there is no substitute for running if you want to, well, run!! Thanks for the report Guy

  3. Well done Stacey and Paul – a great time Stacey on a very hard course – I know having done it 17 times!
    The Snowdonia marathon like the Offa’s Dyke 15 has a special place in the annals of Croft Ambrey Running Club and it became a regular event for many of us on the last Sunday in October. Brian Davies became something of a celebrity completing 19 times in succession the first 9 in under 3 hours with a best of 2.47.33. The 20th race was cancelled due to the gale force winds and floods mentioned by Stacey and we never went back – maybe one day?!

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