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Sam and Mike’s long-awaited time trial around fields and orchards next to Shobdon airfield finally took place on Sunday (May 9th – Sam Juson’s and Huw’s birthday), and the rains had waited until a couple of days beforehand, leaving some of the ground covered in heavy, sticky mud. It was a deceptively fast early part of the course, with short uphills, but about halfway we found ourselves running head into the wind on an exposed gravel (?) track, before heading east (left) into the shelter of trees. It was here I experienced seeing a plane that had just taken off, only just clearing the trees as it flew overhead and being moved firmly sideways by the wind. That was I supposed the lowest point of the course, and there were then a number of short, but demanding slopes to tackle, some with longish, tufty grass, giving tiring legs more to cope with. But between these climbs there was also a variety of path, track and field margin, constantly turning 90 degree angles so as to disorientate us! As we started on a climbing path between hedgerows though it felt like we were approaching the finish and indeed at the top there was a mere 100m to go to the Finish sign (one runner mistook Start for Finish, and stopped 10m short. I think he should have gone to the barbers, rather than to Specsavers).

Once again, Eric proved the fastest round the course, with Jasper who had started a minute ahead being caught just before the finish. And likewise Kelly was again the quickest female, quite literally by a mile (well 6 mins 40). I think Huw enjoyed his birthday run, despite his comments about the demanding courses Croft lay on! The finish photos (courtesy of Kelly, who’d rushed back to take them!) show fine sprinting from Ashley, Lucy and Flora particularly, but spared Tim’s blushes for his early finish.

It was a good, interesting course, well marshalled (no one lost their way!), and once again Theresa was able to gather together volunteer helpers to enable the rest of us to run. Thanks to all involved in planning, setting out and officiating on the day.

1Eric Apperley29.04
2Jasper Robinson30.49
3kelly Bowen33.20
4Sam Juson34.15
5Steve Partridge34.30
6Lee Monks37.05
7Ashley Robinson37.16
8Neil Taylor38.29
9Dave Millichap38.32
10Tim Jones39.35
11Dave Barrett39.57
12Lucy Austin40.00
13Thea Preece40.26
14Flora Gunner40.35
15Sue Powell40.40
16Guy Whitmarsh41.16
17Rob Wood41.30
18Bronwyn Preece43.04
19Gary Gunner43.41
20Liza Austin44.10
21Louise Reeves45.41
22Huw Williams46.52
23Gemma Davies47.30
24Steph King47.33
25Tori Dickinson47.34
26Lisa Gray49.36
27Carol Powell49.38
28Tom Davies49.53
29Theresa Jones51.45
30Claire Preece52.45
31Suzanne Field56.42
32Bryan Markham61.45
33Alison Apperley70.36

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