Rodney’s Pillar

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I expect you’ve noticed how policeman seem to be getting younger? Well, there’s a modern breed of fell racer who are scarcely out of the cradle! The fourth in the Shropshire summer fell series was held at Criggion, on a very warm evening, and I assumed there was to be a junior race, on seeing a number of small boys in running gear, but no, not only did they compete with the grown-ups but showed us how it’s done. The race was won by an under 16, in 23.20, with a diminutive under 14 in 5th, just over a minute behind. From the start, Toby and Gary P disappeared from sight up the long opening climb, with Gary G the first of the Croft old-timers. From there on, the race was relatively gentle (much like the High Vinnalls race in four weeks’ time!), but the descent from the pillar, over a rocky path was enough to see Gary P fall by the wayside with a damaged ankle. So, Toby (U/A) was first to cross the line, in 28th (28.56), with Gary G 56th (32.23) and first over 70, me 65th, nearly 2 minutes behind and Tom 78th (36.34). 90 runners finished.

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  1. have always fancied going up this hill, its visible for miles. But way too fast a race for me I don’t warm up for 40 minutes. Hope Gary P has recovered. Let the young ones have some glory, it won’t last, they aren’t focused on the long term!

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