Ludlow parkrun (April 9th)

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No new news for a fortnight, so maybe time to add another piece on today’s 9th Ludlow parkrun. Having scraped the ice off the windscreen (the temperature has only once been over 5 degrees since the event started), we set off for Monstay car park in glorious (temporary) sunshine. It turned out to be a record Croft turn-out, with Ashley R marshalling, Jasper, Frank, Neil T, Tom, Sue P, Jo (and Imme) and me running. Jasper immediately surged ahead, leaving the ‘more mature’ club members some way behind. Sue was in the lead of this second group, but there was clearly a tussle going on between Frank and Neil, as they alternated positions in the early stages, Frank eventually pulling clear of both Sue and Neil over the course of the second loop.The stretch nicknamed the Dip of Doom has once again become very muddy/slippery, and those, like my grandson, with road shoes found that 100m section of dip and then climb quite a challenge. Jasper had a very good first outing, finishing in 23.48 (12th out of 60). Frank went round in 25.11 ( a new PB), with Sue just behind in 25.25 (a rare event – no PB, explained by the evening out the night before), followed by Neil (25.47) and me, a second behind, with Tom achieving a PB in 27.08. Jo crossed the line with daughter Imme in 32.34.
Antony still has the fastest time amongst the Croft runners (23.43) though only 2 seconds better than 15 year old Jasper, with Kelly 3rd (24.33), whereas Sue P has the highest percentage score* (age-related performance); Tom is the fastest M65, and I remain the only M70 to have completed the course (however I ran today believing I was being beaten by another M70, who turned out to be an M55 – Nick Farnell, GB triathlete). Although Tom and I both had to accept being soundly beaten by younger family members, slumped in our armchairs we can console ourselves with the higher age-related percentages*!
I am told that Andrew (George) is also now a club member, so the honour of the fastest Croftie goes to him: 5th today, in 21.46, but uncle Tom’s percentage is still the better!

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  1. Thanks for the report Guy. Just in case it doesn’t ‘filter through the channels’, Andrew George re-joined the Club about a month ago, he had already registered for the Parkrun series so does not show up as a Croft runner. Today he finished 5th in 21.46!

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