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Gords 6 organised by Wye Valley Runners was a lovely run. There was a very small field of runners turning out to this race-55 in total, two of which being Croft Ambrey runners – myself and Robyn Gore.

The run started running downhill towards the river Wye where it continued flat along the river bank. Approximately 2.5miles into the race we entered the woods where there was a steep incline which did result in me having a short walk. I ran up as much as I could, as I looked ahead and saw the first female walking so I decided to walk and save my energy. As it happened two men just ahead of me ran it all the way to the top, but I think saving my energy paid off as I was able to overtake them and stay ahead of them the remainder of the run.

When at the the top of this incline we were out onto the road in the village of Brockhampton, the sun was beating down on us here so it was a delight getting back into the woods for the shade. In the woods we followed an uphill trail which was long but an easier incline to conquer. It was approximately 4.5 miles when we started to decline, in my mind now I thought ‘we are on the downhill back to the finish with approximately 1.5miles to go’ I didn’t realise the run was actually 6.7 miles long and had two cheeky steep hills left to go.We covered some beautiful countryside with hard ground underfoot.

I would recommend this run as I feel it would be a strong race for croft runners. Both myself and Robyn had a strong finish with Robyn finishing 4th female and myself finishing 2nd female. I will be putting this race back on the calendar for next year.

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  1. Well done Sam and Robyn, sounds like a race I should have a go at, in reply to Pauls’ comment, the race is named after Wye Valley Runners founder member Gordon Clements who died of lung cancer 8 years ago, (information from Gords 6 page on the WVR’s website.) it is run to raise money for charity in Gordons’ name.

  2. Good running Kelly & Robyn – you are a pair of stars. Excellent write-up Kelly – keep ’em flowing, it is always good to read a report from the runner’s viewpoint.

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