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The 6th and final race in the 2016 Croft Ambrey Handicap Series successfully rounded off the season with a plethora ( I think that may be the collective noun) of P.B.s and 3 age-group course records.
All the Beginners Group runners, who made their debuts last month, improved on their first performances and they were joined by 3 new first timers, who will now have to wait until next season to show their improvement.
Janet, with a huge revision of her previous time, was a clear winner followed by Jo Moffatt, who bettered her own FV35 course record. Greg, punching the air with delight at the news of his own P.B., completed the top 3. Greg’s time takes him to equal 5th place in the men’s rankings over this new course.
Frank, the latest inductee to the “Croft Old Gits Society” (COGS for short), set a new MV60 course record  robbing Rob of that honour. You held the record for 21 days Rob – I hope that you took full advantage of that era and fully basked in all its glory. The final age-group course record went to Nigel, who modified his own MV50 record by just 2 seconds. That is the kind of behaviour once displayed by Sergey Bubka the Ukranian pole vault legend, who used to improve his own world record a centimetre at a time to gain extra prize money for each record. Nigel was hoping for additional chocolate bars as his reward. Wispa it to him that he is living on another Galaxy and he will need to Boost his performances more to achieve that Bounty. The Chairman’s discretionary award went to Robyn for her excellent time, which took her to 7th on the best female times list. Possibly a parting gift as Robyn will soon be heading back to Uni.
The series points totals, based on the best 5 finishing positions in the 6 races, produced the closest contest for many years with just 4 points separating the top 5 contestants. The worthy and deserving winner, by a single point, was a surprised Tom. This was a very appropriate accolade to the club stalwart and founder member, who designed the new improved Croft Woods course and also takes the trouble to mark out the route prior to each race to ensure that no-one goes astray. Congratulations Tom.

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  1. Great report, Mike, I didn’t realise that I had become a member of COGS, truly an accolade being a member of such an elite group.

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