Croft Winter Social

Race Reports

We had a lovely turnout for the Croft Winter Social and presentations this year. A change in venue to the Corners Inn in Kingsland was called for because of the need for a bigger venue for our ever-increasing membership.

I think I can speak for everyone when I say the venue choice was a success and the food was delicious – a choice of 3 hot dishes and plenty to go round – I think there were a few second and third helpings of main and desserts for a few who had trained hard that day!

There are so many photos of Croft runners posted on Facebook weekly that I decided to have a slideshow of all the photos taking place in the background while we were eating our meal. Hopefully this worked well as a reminder of the year gone and provided a talking point around the tables.

By some stroke of luck – it certainly wasn’t planned, the slideshow lasted about the same time as the food. So once that had finished, I started on a little talk of the Croft year with the help of some photos and a few of Mikes dingbats of Croft members to help keep people awake. Interspersed among the chatting were presentations for those deserving trophy winners and a few prizes sprinkled around for those runners who had caught my eye throughout the year.

I won’t rehash my speech on here, once was enough but will just run through the trophy and prize winners.

The Croft Coaching team led my Mark and Mike were thanked for their hardwork and together with Kelly, Kerry, Sue, Darren, Will and Emma were presented with Croft Kit bags.

Special mention was made for the international athletes – Roxy, Guy, Sue D and Ashley and a brief summary of the juniors and veteran members.

Great results for Gary P, Guy, Gary G, Flora, Tim, Tom, Neil T, Sue D and Mark P for the Shropshire Winter Fell running series.

The Mick Ligema Cup for the first Leinthall Starkes race was won by Mark Lamonby and Gemma Mallet.

The statistics trophy – based on the three Leinthall Starkes races – a percentage of the current world 5m record, with an allowance of 2 seconds per mile per year over the veterans age (35 for ladies, 40 for men). First lady Liz Bowers was 4th (74.4%),Third Gareth Leek (76.2%), Stacey 2nd (76.4%) won by Mark Lamonby with 80.1%.

A prize (of a kit bag) was given to the most improved runner over the three Leinthal Starkes Races. 3rd Bryan 51sec improvement, 2nd Greg 1m17secs, Louise Reeves 1st with an improvement of 1m51seconds.

Jo Tilby had a mention for her performance at the London Marathon – finishing time of 3.48.12

Theresa Jones was awarded the Chairmans trophy for all her hard work on the committee and especially organising the volunteers for Croft events this year.

Brief reports on The Shobdon Wood Race, Hereford Half Marathon, Welsh 1000m peak race, The Offas Dyke 15, Run Fest, Last Man Standing and the Summer League were given. Special thanks was given to Jo Marriot and Kelly for organising the relay teams for the Cotswold Relay and WyeDean Relay.

The Croft Handicap series – Moved to Croft.

Best improvement over 3 races -3rd Frank 1m05, 2nd Tory 1m21s, 1st Jo Tilby 2m33.

16 Runners qualified for the Handicap series. 3rd Hannah, 2nd Gareth, 1st Nigel – who was finally rewarded a few months late – my fault – with the Handicap series trophy.

The Club Championship Races for 2019 were First Leinthall race, Crocodile 8, Wyre Forest Half, Tenbury 10k, Brown Clee Burn, Night Sugar (replaced by Nash and Boraston 10k), Mortimer Forest.

Myself and Greg took part in all the races so were awarded a kit bag. Tim was awarded one for being the only one brave enough to enter the Night Sugar during a storm.

Winners in the Club Championship races:

FV55 – Flora

FV45 3rd Steph, 2nd Jo M First Emma J.

FV35 2nd Sam 1st Jo T

Senior female 3rd Lucy, 2nd Kelly, 1st Hannah

MV60 2nd Rob, 1st Ashley

MV50 2nd Tim, 1st Nigel T

MV40 Greg

Senior man 3rd Scott Hardie, 2nd Jasper, 1st Will Gore.

Robyn was thanked for all her hard work in sorting out the kit, and was given a kit bag.

Most improved runner was a difficult category to judge because so many people have improved. It was so difficult it was awarded to two well deserved runners, Theresa and Rob.

Club Runners of the year as voted for by all Croft members were Will Gore and Gemma Mallett.

Special thanks went to our amazing club captains for helping to make 2019 such a good year for Croft.

Photographer of the year was awarded to Tory for her photo of Sue:

Photo of the year was a joint prize for John and Jo

Croft Couple of the year was awarded to Mark and Gareth

Croft Ambassadors of the year Claire, Sue and Heather

My apologies to those who were awarded bags but weren’t there on the night. I must have left the spare bags at the Corners and as of yet they have not appeared. If I find them I will give them to you.

A great way to celebrate the Croft Year. Big thanks to Mike for the photos! And the Dingbats for the evening.

2020 is only going to get better!


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