Club Parkrun Takeover – Saturday 13th November

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Report by Huw

Serendipity = the occurrence and development of events by chance in a happy or beneficial way.


And so it was that our Park Run Takeover and Bryan Markham’s 100th Ludlow Parkrun came together.

It was also fitting. One of the joys of Parkrun is its ability to welcome and embrace an enormous breadth of running ambitions and abilities.

Bryan Markham (time on Sunday 35.54) and grandson Sam Juson (22.18) demonstrated this perfectly.

Stand and watch any Parkrun and you’ll see every age and every ability driven by their toughest taskmaster – themselves.

One of Croft’s enormous strengths is the way that the club welcomes and supports runners of all abilities. When I stood up and said that there was no one that could get around the Ludlow course that wouldn’t feel at home in our club I meant it. There are many clubs for which that simply wouldn’t be the case.

This was reflected in our Pacers. From Eric pacing 25 minutes to Su at 39, we demonstrated the inclusivity of the club.

The Pacers did their jobs superbly, many with enthusiastic runners close by in search of a good time. Steve Partridge (22.14) and Flora Gunner (27.03) set PB’s. Well done both.

And then there was cake.

There should always be cake.

Congratulations Bryan.

And Sam … you need to go just a bit faster if you’re going to match your Granddad’s age grading 🙂

Photos by Stuart, Clare, Jo and Sam H.

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