Caplor Hill 6

Race Reports


On what must have been the hottest morning of the year (so far!), 16 Crofties tackled the Caplor Hill race, which this year was run the other way round (clockwise), meaning we climbed about 280m up to the hill, then back down and finished more or less on the flat along the river. With Covid restrictions still in force, we set off in waves of ten, with the fastest going first, over a period of 13 minutes. This largely avoided congestion at stiles and on narrow paths.

I imagine everyone set off carefully, with the heat in mind. (It was 31 degrees in the car on the way home, so possibly 28/29 while we were running) The climbing was relatively gradual, with a certain amount of shade. By common agreement though, crossing two hay fields was probably the hardest – soft underfoot and always the chance of catching your feet in loose hay. The drinks station at the top was very welcome, if only to have water to pour over your head. That led to a descent on a road, followed by a steeper descent through trees to the river path. Early on there was a bit of shade, but also short steep climbs, then finally, with perhaps two miles to go, just fields exposed to the full heat of the sun. After a while I found myself setting a target ahead where I’d walk a bit, and take a sip of water, then stagger on till my next walking break (sometimes not reaching my scheduled stopping point), until finally the path swung right and there was the dreaded final climb up to the finish.

From the finish there was still a half mile walk back to the registration field, and the bliss of water and a banana. Followed by another half mile back to the car in the full glare of the sun – I only half jokingly asked people to look out for a desiccated skeleton when they were to follow some time later.

Croft achieved a healthy number of age category firsts, and Eric had a magnificent run to finish 2nd (in the adjusted results), behind winner Ross Matthews.

Eric           44.45        2nd      1st SM

Nigel        53.52        17th      1st M55

David  M  62.07        32nd

David B    63.01        38th

Jo            65.28         44th      1st F50

Guy         70.13         56th      1st M75

Sam        70.35         58th      1st F45

Flora       72.26         61st       2nd F55

Roland   73.01         63rd

Gary       76.00         71st      2nd M75

Huw      78.28          74th

Bronwyn 81.50        77th

Ben        86.30         82nd

Clare     93.42          90th

Bryan    117.04       100th    1st M80

Tom      117.05       101st




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