Bury Ditches

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So many Croft runners doing such different things last weekend! Five of us – Gary P, Gary G, Liza, Flora and myself opted for the Bury Ditches race.

This could very well be the final one of this race which has been taking place for the last ten years, the organisers have had enough but there is still hope someone else will take over.

It was the most enjoyable race I have done in a while. It is a truly multi-terrain event. Starts off on tarmac, then onto fields, farm track, wood paths, around the top of the hill fort, road, streamside footpath, stoney farm lane, then back through the fields to the tarmac drive to the finish. The start is pretty much all uphill to the top of the hillfort, about 3 miles, then a downhill stretch before another steep uphill half mile then finally downhill all the way for approximately 1 mile to the finish.

It was great to see the familiar face of Ruth Pafford – one time member – with partner and small son spectating. They shouted out to me just as I was coming off the hillfort that I was fourth lady, which I have to admit was a wonderful confidence boost.

I didn’t manage to hold onto that position until the end, but I did until after the climbs, so am more than happy with that. Gill Evans of Shrewsbury AC got past me on the descent of the final hill. She is an amazing fell runner and I had a been expecting her to pass me much sooner than she did, so all in all, very happy with my result of 5th lady.

Gary Pearson was the first Croft runner home in 34th place, 56.30! A great fell runner who loves the tougher races, not running in his Croft Vest because he couldn’t find it! Gary G won the over 70 prize – we did have a little bit of alternating positions, he is definitely faster than me on the downs with me having the slight edge on the ups. He finished in 58.57, I finished one place ahead in 57.50.

I had persuaded Liza to run this one, hoping to spread my enjoyment of hills. I am not sure she enjoyed it as much as me but ran a great race to finish 6th lady in 60.30. Flora continues to run really well in these tough races but was suffering with her leg at the end, and limping a little afterwards. I hope you recover quickly Flora, 10th lady in 63.06

Presentations after at the Powys Arms.

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