Boxing Day v. Lucton School

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Probably a record turn-out of 85 runners (and a dog) completed what must have been also the wettest, slipperiest course ever for Boxing Day. As to the declared result (Lucton winners), I’ll leave the debate to those better qualified, and more competitive, than me! Well done particularly to Oscar (aged 16?) and Suzanne, but also to 17yr old Toby and 15yr old Billy. I think Andrew George was the first adult male, in 8th place.

Many thanks to Tom for marking out the course beforehand, and then collecting in the signs afterwards, ensuring no-one was lost in the woods.

The full list of results is on the results page (I apologise for any mis-spellings).


2 thoughts on “Boxing Day v. Lucton School

  1. An astonishing result for Lucton School , especially as they only had 2 runners in the top 10! One would almost think there was an error in the way the results were calculated. Rumour has it that Brian has landed a position with Russian Athletics.
    Good fun event in the worst mud that course has ever seen.
    Thank you to all those who helped with refreshments at the end.
    Dave A

  2. Markham the Manipulator rules again – you have to applaud the man’s gall. In the true spirit of bah humbug may I suggest that, using the team scoring system employed, the best way to win the event would be to deliberately field the fewest runners. One solitary runner could crawl around the course, finish last and still win the team award for his chosen team. On a more positive note, what an excellent turnout for the traditional annual event and I hear that it was enjoyed by all. Happy New Year wishes to all.

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