Welsh Ironman


Just to say I survived another Ironman No 2, and this one was tougher due to the location: Wales and the weather: Gale Force winds, not ideal for biking in.
Well I started at 7.00am in the north beach, Tenby with 1500 other Ironmen ! The swim was carnage, cold and very choppy but I survived in 1 hour 1 mins, in 317 th position.
Then it was 1 km sprint to get my bike and start the 112 miles and 3000 m of hills. After nearly 7 hours, I then had to try to motivate myself and get my legs into a running action !
The run was basically a boring 4 lap course, I kept consistent miles at 8min pace and very pleased finishing in a 3.50 marathon time. There were numerous people who to my dismay were walking at the first lap with 20 miles to go !

So my final time was 12hrs, 10 mins.10, 370th out of 1500.
There were some real inspirational stories: one guy, John  Allen, who did the first ever ironman back in 78, recently diagnosed with leukaemia and racing Ironman Wales; the oldest competitor was Garth Brookes (75) from New Zealand, and a Canadian breaking the world record at 61 years of age, having completed 125 ironmans, yes 125 !!!

Anyway I am now enjoying the junk food, beers and being lazy !!!

For my charity so far I have raised approx £600, would really appreciate if anyone can help me get to my target of £750, all for St. Michaels Hospice in Hereford.

My link page is http://www.justgiving.com/simon-norwood
Also special thanks to all those that have kindly sponsored me so far.

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