New look for website


The website has had a shake up and now has a new look.

Everyone who has subscribed to the club news should now get an email when there are new race reports, results and news items.

Please keep sending in your race reports and news to keep the site current – it will look even better with a photo!

Good luck to everyone for Sunday see you at Ufton Court.

4 thoughts on “New look for website

  1. I am in urgent need of a similar “shake up” and revitalization,Sam – can I book in for a course of treatment ?

  2. Thanks for all the hard work on the website but unfortunately it is really..and I mean really…slow loading..can anybody help? on the plus side, I am able to do a lap of Croft Ambrey Hillfort whilst I wait for it to load…

  3. Thanks Paul. A widget was creating a conflict which slowed the site to a crawl.
    You shouldn’t even have time to get your trainers on now.
    On your marks, get set, GO………..

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