A stellar performance from 17 years old Andrew Davies was the highlight of the 2nd event in the 2013 handicap series held on a sunny spring evening with favourable running conditions. This was Andrew’s first attempt at this classic traditional course and his challenging estimated start time meant that for much of the race it became an exercise in pace judgement as he was running solo. Eventually, in handicap races, the targets appear ahead as runners are gradually chased down and picked off if you are flowing well and Andrew was flying like the wind as he sped to the impressive time of 29.43. This set a new Junior Men’s course record (the previous one had stood since 1994) and he became only the 14th runner to break the magical 30 minute barrier in the 26 year history of the event. This was a magnificent achievement and there is abundant potential for greater improvement as he gains strength and race experience.
Rachel was running scared as she led the field for much of the distance having soon seen off the sluggish septuagenarian Bryan, the only runner to start in front of her. These scare tactics seem to work as she was nearly 4 minutes quicker than last month’s effort. Her observation on this performance as she gratefully flopped onto the village green at the finish line was  “I’m too old for this” – obviously not after that run. Ruth knocked almost 2 minutes from her previous best to climb to 11th place on the all-time female rankings and crossed the line in 2nd place ahead of Adam who, starting on a time that was an average of last year’s recordings, proved that he is still improving with another big P.B.
This, according to our esteemed archivist Tom, was the 99th race over this historic course around the country lanes in north Herefordshire with the first run held way back in April 1988 before some of this race’s competitors were born. The centenary will take place on Tuesday 18th June and we will be commemorating this momentous occasion with a celebratory cake and complimentary drinks. Please come along to participate in this significant milestone and if you know anyone who has competed over the course in years gone by, please invite them along too.
1 Rachel Nelson (FV 40) 41.41
2 Ruth Stafford (FV35) 37.30 PB by 1 min. 53 secs.
3 Adam Kennerley (MV40) 36.12 PB by 46 secs.
4 Jon Briggs (MV40) 34.47 PB by 18 secs.
5 Alison Cooke (FV50) 37.47
6 Gary Gunner (MV65) 35.19
7 Frank Luscott 36.11
8 Gavin Wright 31.15
9 Sam Harper (FV35) 40.02 PB by 4 sec
10 Glyn Williams (MV40) 32.05
11 Andrew Davies (J.M.) 29.43 Debut & J.M. course record
12 Ashley Cooke (MV55) 35.19
13 Patrick Pearson (MV45) 33.14
14 Tom Davies (MV60) 37.56
15 Neil Taylor (MV55) 36.04
16 Rob Jones 32.03 PB by 3 secs.
17 Martin Williams (MV45) 34.06
18 Bryan Markham (MV70) 50.03
19 Dave George (MV40) 31.42
20 Mark Lamonby 30.08
21 Guy Whitmarsh (MV65) 38.34
22 Neil Powell (MV40) 33.30
23 Sue Davies (FV45) 36.13
24 Dave Rouse Jnr. 38.15

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