1. Kim Wood 34.50 (P.B. by 1min. 02secs.)
2. Steve Jakeman 29.41 (P.B. by 55secs.)
3. Dave Moss 23.13
4. Rachel Nelson 31.37
5. Ian Cooper 25.44
6. Gary Gunner 26.53
7. Richard Hornsby 23.18 (P.B. by 22 secs.)
8. Tom Davies 26.51
9. Nicky Turvey 29.17
10. Dave Rouse Jnr. 23.49
11. Dave Rouse Snr. 28.24
12. Dan Barnett 23.19
13. Simon Powney 24.23
14. Dave Powell 24.23
15. Bryan Markham 31.32
16. Suzanne Turvey 26.57
17. Guy Whitmarsh 26.38

Lots of sticky mud on the course made the going tough and tricky, so it was remarkable that any P.B.s were set, but 3 runners managed to plough through the slippery conditions to beat their previous best performances over the course.
A determined Kim gritted her teeth up the final straight to win by just 7 secs. and continued her improvement. Steve was 2nd. With Mossy a further 7 secs. adrift. Richard’s outstanding 5th. P.B. of the summer was rewarded with the Chairman’s discretionary prize.
This was the final race in the series of 6 summer races, with a record number of 10 runners competing in enough events to qualify for the final standings. Rachel was a surprised and delighted winner of the 2008 Handicap Trophy – a thoroughly deserved honour in recognition of her transition from complete novice to the status of ‘club runner’. Richard finished a close second due to his string of excellent performances.

1. Rachel Nelson 29 pts.
2. Richard Hornsby 31 pts.
3. Dave Powell 40 pts.
4. Dave Rouse Jnr. 41 pts.
5. Ian Cooper 42 pts.
6. Tom Davies 48 pts.
7. Gary Gunner 49 pts.
8. Guy Whitmarsh 56 pts.
9. Nicky Turvey 58 pts.
10.Alison Cooke 60 pts.

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