Committee meeting


The main points coming out of the meeting are as follows:

  1. £100 donations were made from the profits of the Shobdon Wood race to: Wigmore High School (for use of their playing field), to Emergency First Responders (first aid cover) and to the Breast Cancer Care Haven in Hereford.
  2. Discussion of how to persuade late payers of subs (which makes life difficult for the membership secretary and the the treasurer particularly) to pay up: they would be barred from the club Facebook page, and it was suggested they not be permitted to run in the summer or winter league (UKA in fact make this a rule), or club events like the handicap races. While not paid up, such ‘members’ are not insured, and late payment merely reduces the length of their cover – unnecessarily.
  3. There was discussion of a possible summer social activity, maybe even informally after a race, on a fine day. It was thought past efforts (viz. social 2 years ago, multi-events, duathlon) would not be well supported.

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